How To Fix Brake Fade

Car mechanic repair brake fade.

Statistics show that only around 5% of car accidents and crashes in the US annually are due to brake failures. So, should brake fade and failure concern you if only 5% of car crashes are due to brake fade and loss? Well, I think it should, for even if brakes are more often reliable and … Read more

Best Underglow Kit for Trucks

Different models of truck with underbody RGB lights.

An underbody under glow kit is a popularly termed as a ground effects lighting. It is visual customization lighting for your Truck. This series of lights attached to your Truck’s chassis lights up the ground just beneath your vehicle. Simply stating, this kit is aftermarket customization. Recommended Underflow Kits for Trucks 1) OPT7 Aura 4pc … Read more

Best Undercoatings For Truck

Undercoating is a “rust protectant” that helps decreases road noise. It is squirted on the chassis. It is highly recommended to undercoat every time you buy a new car. It covers the entire car surface to get rid of road grime easily. Undercoating, specifically, is exceptionally costly. You don’t just have to pay a fortune … Read more

Hand Saws That Cut Metal

Imagine yourself cutting through a piece of metal, and you’re already sweating profusely. Yet, you are not making significant progress in your cut. Well, you might be using the wrong saw, or your saw does not have a suitable blade for cutting such material. When cutting hard metal, you can either use a hand saw … Read more