Hand Saws That Cut Metal

Imagine yourself cutting through a piece of metal, and you’re already sweating profusely. Yet, you are not making significant progress in your cut. Well, you might be using the wrong saw, or your saw does not have a suitable blade for cutting such material. When cutting hard metal, you can either use a hand saw … Read more

Best Low Profile Oil Drain Pans

So, you need to change your car engine or gear oil, and now you intend to purchase an oil drain pan that can slip under the lowered car, especially the lowered-body sedan or sports cars.  In this article, I have compiled everything you need to know to zero in on the right low-profile oil drain … Read more

Best Self Adjusting Wire Stripping Tools

Automatic size adjustment wire strippers

The good thing about self-adjusting wire stripper is that it automatically selects the right tension for holding the wire, preventing damage to it while you pull its insulation away. It comes with two-machined jaws wherein you position the wire in-between those machined jaws.  Then, you need to select the exposed wire’s length using its flip-up … Read more

Best Wheel Cleaner for Brake Dust

Car owner is cleaning up the tire from the brake dust.

Ever noticed a black, gray, or copper dust coating the wheels of your car? Nope, it is not dirt or grime that accumulated over time, but what you would call the brake dust. It is quite normal for your wheels to have brake dust as it is a natural byproduct of a brake operation. Types … Read more

Best Clutch for Dodge Cummins

Clutch replacement on Dodge Cummins truck

Most people thought of a Dodge Ram when they hear the brand Cummins. It is not surprising at all since it has become quite popular when they first came out, and the name stuck.  However, Cummins offers four categories of automotive engines, such as Pickup, Light Commercial class, Medium-Duty class and  as well as the … Read more