What Is A Slipper Clutch?

Mechanism of the slipper clutch for motorbike.

The slipper clutch is a specialized clutch, also known as “back-torque limiter.” It comes with an integrated freewheel mechanism that is specially developed for performance-oriented motorcycles. It is designed to lessen the effects of engine braking when the motorcycle slows down. Moreover, its primary purpose is to mitigate engine rev as well as that of … Read more

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When it comes to handling a highly leveled lawn, you will surely find the zero-turn lawn mower very efficient and useful for this kind of slopped hill. But, there are some safety aspects that you must take into consideration too. Zero-turn mowers, of course, are known for their greater agility and speed. However, it has … Read more

Best Tool Kits To Keep In Car

There are many automotive tools, but you can keep your tools to the bare necessary minimum that could get you through any mechanical problem that your car may encounter along the way. Among the various tools that are designed for troubleshooting any automotive mechanical problem, there are basically 9 tools that should always be in … Read more

Mechanics Creeper For Gravel

There are myriads of designs and made of mechanic creepers on the market today, and the options are still growing in number. This makes it a bit difficult for consumers to choose the best mechanic creepers at hand. But what is a mechanic creeper? Well, mechanic creepers are the equipment that you could use when … Read more