Best Fuel Stabilizer for Small Engines

Different brands of fuel stabilizers that suitable for 2-stroke engines.

Small engines such as ATVs, lawnmowers, snowblowers, gas-powered generators, pressure washers, pumps, portable machines, and other non-road vehicle engines are often left in the storage room after being used. Some owners are not even aware that without using fuel stabilizers, the fuel left in the tanks of these machines for more than 30 days deteriorates … Read more

Car Axle Repair Costs

Axle Drive Shaft.

Automobile repairs sometimes cannot be avoided most, especially if it involves the car’s axle shaft, also known as CV axle. This is what connects the wheels to the transmission and the reason why the wheels are rotating. As an automobile mechanic, I would suggest you drive your car to the nearest automobile workshop if you … Read more

What Temp Does Diesel Freeze?

The drop in the temperature during the winter season can have a devastating effect on the performance of diesel engines. The moment the diesel fuel reaches the freezing mark of 32° Fahrenheit or 0°Celcius, it elicits certain conditions for these machines to ultimately be rendered inefficient. The fuel tank becomes cloudy as the paraffin in … Read more

Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks

A lifted truck, of course, will be 3-inch taller than the standard pickup. As such, you will need a jack that can handle that extra height. However, most standard jacks are only capable of 18 inches lift. Hence, it will often not suffice to deal with the higher suspension lift of the lifted truck. Imagine … Read more