Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks

A lifted truck, of course, will be 3-inch taller than the standard pickup. As such, you will need a jack that can handle that extra height. However, most standard jacks are only capable of 18 inches lift. Hence, it will often not suffice to deal with the higher suspension lift of the lifted truck. Imagine … Read more

Best CB Antennas for Semi Truck & 18-Wheeler

Have you ever watched the 1975 movie “Convoy“? If you did, you would have seen the heavy use of CB in that movie. Well, the film was set during the heyday of the CB usage sometime in the 70s. Although CB has already lost much of its original appeal, it is still popular among truckers. So, … Read more

How Does A Hydraulic Jack Work?

2-ton hydraulic low-profile jack.

I read through a forum the other day, and one question that kept popping up in that forum was all about hydraulic jack and how it works. Of course, the hydraulic jack is often utilized in most shop works instead of being used for emergency purposes. It is also used sometimes to lift elevators in … Read more

Best Automotive Clear Coat Spray Can

Paint technician is spray a clear coat on the car body.

A close friend of mine casually asked me the other day why my car looked brand new even if I have been using it for almost five years. I smiled at him and whispered a secret—It is because of the clear coat which gives my car that extra protection from scratches, keeping it bright and … Read more

Best Metal Lathe For Home Shop

Testing the metal lathe machine.

Metal lathe machine is very useful on creating and shaping the rounded metal and hardwood parts. We all know that having the best lathe in your home workshop will go a long way when it comes to dealing with metals. Picking the right lathe is a complicated process, and you need to know what you … Read more