How to Fix Coolant Mixing With Engine Oil?

Coolant in the engine oil.

There may be an issue with one of your engine’s gaskets or seals if oil is found in the coolant or vice versa. In order to prevent your vehicle from overheating, your engine is equipped with separate systems for controlling engine oil and coolant. When coolant or oil leaks into one another, the cylinder head …

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What is a 4×2 Truck?

The majority of standard trucks are 4 x 2, which means that a driveshaft is used to transfer torque to the back wheels. So, precisely, what is a 4 x 2 truck? Do you want to see whether buying a 4 x 2 truck is the best choice for you? Let’s talk about what it …

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Car Suddenly Dies While Driving

Car broke down while driving on the road.

This article will bring insight into why your vehicle shuts down while driving, allowing you to be more prepared the next time it occurs. Being in the dark wondering what caused your vehicle to die in the middle of nowhere may be a terrifying situation. There are several reasons why a vehicle’s power may be …

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