How To Fix Brake Fade

Car mechanic repair brake fade.

Statistics show that only around 5% of car accidents and crashes in the US annually are due to brake failures. So, should brake fade and failure concern you if only 5% of car crashes are due to brake fade and loss? Well, I think it should, for even if brakes are more often reliable and … Read more

Best Wheel Cleaner for Brake Dust

Car owner is cleaning up the tire from the brake dust.

Ever noticed a black, gray, or copper dust coating the wheels of your car? Nope, it is not dirt or grime that accumulated over time, but what you would call the brake dust. It is quite normal for your wheels to have brake dust as it is a natural byproduct of a brake operation. Types … Read more

Sway Bar Link Purposes & Functions

Sway bar links for different types of vehicles.

Vehicles depend on the sway bar link to help lessen the car’s body roll when making a sharp or fast turn. It is part of the many components of a car that ensures the safety of the occupants when it encounters road irregularities. To fully understand how it works, let us get to know the … Read more

Car Axle Repair Costs

Axle Drive Shaft.

Automobile repairs sometimes cannot be avoided most, especially if it involves the car’s axle shaft, also known as CV axle. This is what connects the wheels to the transmission and the reason why the wheels are rotating. As an automobile mechanic, I would suggest you drive your car to the nearest automobile workshop if you … Read more

Best Automotive Clear Coat Spray Can

Paint technician is spray a clear coat on the car body.

A close friend of mine casually asked me the other day why my car looked brand new even if I have been using it for almost five years. I smiled at him and whispered a secret—It is because of the clear coat which gives my car that extra protection from scratches, keeping it bright and … Read more