How to Clean Mechanic Tools

Cleaned hand tools placed on the workbench.

Using high-quality mechanic tools indicates a high level of expertise in mechanics. For anybody who is meticulous about his tools, he knows how to keep his mechanic tools clean. Your tools will be guaranteed to be completely free of grease and dirt. It’s not difficult to see why you may find yourself needing to clean …

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Best Self Adjusting Wire Stripping Tools

Automatic size adjustment wire strippers

The good thing about self-adjusting wire stripper is that it automatically selects the right tension for holding the wire, preventing damage to it while you pull its insulation away. It comes with two-machined jaws wherein you position the wire in-between those machined jaws.  Then, you need to select the exposed wire’s length using its flip-up …

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Best Tool Kits To Keep In Car

There are many automotive tools, but you can keep your tools to the bare necessary minimum that could get you through any mechanical problem that your car may encounter along the way. Among the various tools that are designed for troubleshooting any automotive mechanical problem, there are basically 9 tools that should always be in …

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15 Best Mechanic Tool Brands

Many mechanics specialize in a specific field, but whether you are a professional mechanic who specializes in a particular mechanical field or someone who is a beginner mechanic, you would readily realize that you can never become a reliable mechanic without your own mechanic tool set. You would also readily recognize the fact that a …

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List of 13 Ultimate Mechanic Specialty Tools

Professional mechanics always have the best tools at hand. Why? Because great tools make a mechanic a better mechanic. There are, however, myriads of mechanic tools out there on the market, and the act of choosing becomes a headache if you are just beginning to collect the necessary mechanic tools that going to make your …

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Best Knee Pads For Mechanics & Works 2022

If you were a mechanic, you would understand how difficult it is to work without wearing knee pads. Knee pads, of course, offer excellent support to your knees. In addition, they reduce the chances of you overextending your knees while letting you avoid knee collapse after prolonged working on your knees. Knee pads come in …

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