Best Tool Bag for Maintenance Man

Mechanic carrying maintenance bag for onsite repair.

When working as a maintenance technician, you’ll need a tool bag designed for maintenance man for carrying mechanic & technician tools along with you since it is part of your regular work. While there are a few personal reasons why carrying your tools around with your bare hands might be inconvenient, this is not only …

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How To Bleed A Hydraulic Jack

Jack floor fail to lift.

Any substance that impairs the right functioning of the hydraulic fluid is considered a contaminant, and for this reason, when air gets entrained in hydraulic fluid, you need to engage in corrective action to prevent damage to the system components and fluid. Moreover, it is dangerous to use a floor jack with air entrained in …

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Best Low Profile Oil Drain Pans

So, you need to change your car engine or gear oil, and now you intend to purchase an oil drain pan that can slip under the lowered car, especially the lowered-body sedan or sports cars.  In this article, I have compiled everything you need to know to zero in on the right low-profile oil drain …

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Best Self Adjusting Wire Stripping Tools

Automatic size adjustment wire strippers

The good thing about self-adjusting wire stripper is that it automatically selects the right tension for holding the wire, preventing damage to it while you pull its insulation away. It comes with two-machined jaws wherein you position the wire in-between those machined jaws.  Then, you need to select the exposed wire’s length using its flip-up …

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How Does A Hydraulic Jack Work?

2-ton hydraulic low-profile jack.

I read through a forum the other day, and one question that kept popping up in that forum was all about hydraulic jack and how it works. Of course, the hydraulic jack is often utilized in most shop works instead of being used for emergency purposes. It is also used sometimes to lift elevators in …

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