Best Tool Kits To Keep In Car

June 13, 2021

There are many automotive tools, but you can keep your tools to the bare necessary minimum that could get you through any mechanical problem that your car may encounter along the way. Among the various tools that are designed for troubleshooting any automotive mechanical problem, there are basically 9 tools that should always be in your car.

Benjamin Franklin once said that “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” and surely, he is right. This saying is very much applicable, especially if you are always on the road, driving your car for long-distance travel. The more you use your car for long-distance travel, the greater the chance that your car will break down. So, it is but imperative that you are always prepared for any eventuality like a car breakdown while traveling. There is no better way, however, to prepare for such eventuality than by buying yourself the best and most useful tools for a car owner. 

Best Basic Tools You Should Have in Your Car

As mentioned above, there are myriads of tools that were invented for car repair and maintenance. But you can always get away with any car problem if you have the following necessary tools:

1) Adjustable Wrench

The adjustable wrench or adjustable spanner is an open-end wrench that is an essential tool in your tool kit. It has an open-end with a movable jaw that you can use with any size of fastener heads, nuts or bolts. It is better than the conventional fixed spanner.

You can use the adjustable wrench to unscrew any bolt or nut. Thus, this tool is extremely handy when it comes to automobile repair. It can also save you from buying different sizes of wrenches. One downside of this tool is that it is difficult to use in the constricted areas of your car because of its thick head.

2) Multi-head Screwdriver

You must have a screwdriver set with several heads. This tool can surely make life easier for you while you work on your car. When choosing a screwdriver, you should go for magnetized heads for these make it easier for you to extract screws even from highly inaccessible gaps, especially, if you accidentally drop one of those screws.

Almost all the auto parts around are held together by different screws. So, if you are driving a car, chances are, you will need to loosen or tighten screws. Hence, you should keep a decent screwdriver in your car with different screwdriver heads. This tool can surely save you from a lot of troubles.

3) Pliers

Your hands are not designed for gripping very small objects. Hence, you would surely need a set of pliers that could do the dirty jobs for you. It is advisable to have different pliers at hand for tackling various types of gripping jobs. You can keep needle-nose pliers, a heavy grooved, as well as wire-cutting pliers in your car’s trunk.

4) Multi-tool

Another tool that you should have in your car’s trunk is a multi-tool. This multi-tool usually includes different types and sizes of screwdrivers, pliers, and wire cutters. Some multi-tool kits also include bottle openers, knives, and bit drivers. Having all these tools in a single multi-tool kit is surely a whiff relief to you, especially in cases of car problems along the road.

5) Jumper Cables

It is essential that you have a set of jumper cables in your car. it is also necessary that you know how to utilize them. You would surely experience battery failure every once in a while. So, this set of jumper cables will surely come in handy on such an occasion. You can borrow electrical power from a charged battery using this jumper cable. Once you get your engine running, it will generate enough power for recharging your dead battery. Additionally, you should go for jumper cables with larger wire gauge like those of 4,6, and 8.

6) Tow Strap

The tow strap is a super-strong fabric that you can use for hauling your stalled car. You can readily move your disabled vehicle via the use of this tow strap. You can also offer help to stranded cars if you have this tow strap in your car’s trunk. In some instances, you can use a tow strap for rescuing other people. The tow strap is undoubtedly an all-purpose strap that could come in handy in many situations and occasions.

But before using it, you should read your car’s manual to figure out the right way of tying down your car. You should also know the tow points of your car so that no accident will happen due to improperly tied tow strap.

7) Ratchet along with Socket Set

If you have a ratchet and socket set, you will be able to regularly tune-up your car. You should have a standard ½-inch drive ratchet to repair nuts and bolts. Go for a set that has an extender so that you can easily reach even through tight spots.

8) Tire Sealer and Inflator

Most cars come with extra tires. Yet, sometimes, you would find your spare tires not correctly inflated. In such instances, you would surely need a tire inflator. Tire inflators are easy to use. You simply hook it up to the valve stem of the tire. With a tire inflator/sealer at hand, you can find where the leak is and could readily fix it or drive your car to the nearest shop. The sealer can readily seal the leak on your car’s tire. But it is just a temporary remedy. You should immediately bring your car to the nearest shop for tire replacement.

9) A Flashlight

You may underestimate the value of a flashlight. But when a car problem arises, and you need to troubleshoot, you would be doubly thankful that you have a flashlight with batteries in your car. You can use the flashlight to illumine the internals of your automobile so that you can readily see and figure out the source of the problem. Flashlights likewise can come in handy if you encounter any car problem at night.

Final Words:

There is always the risk of a car breakdown, flat tire, or any other mechanical problem when you drive your car. Yet, you can mitigate the impact of such a problem if you are prepared. With the abovementioned essential tools, you can surely get through any minor car problem when you are on the road.