How to Remove an Oil Filter Without a Wrench? Tips and Tricks

Removing an Oil Filter

Sometimes, you might find yourself needing to remove an oil filter without a wrench. This could be due to the expense of specialized tools, a damaged or lost wrench, or an incompatible wrench for your vehicle’s filter. Knowing alternative methods can save time and money, especially in urgent situations. What You Need Before you start, …

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Why Does Oil Smell Like Gas?

Mechanic found that the engine oil was mixed with the gas and smell like gas fuel.

Your car’s oil should not smell like gas, and if it does, you should check the reason. It might be because you don’t drive your vehicle long distance; hence, its engine doesn’t really get hot. It might also be a case of a rich air-fuel mixture due to faulty injectors or misfires. Of course, you …

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Who Makes Carquest Oil?

Change new engine oil with Carquest 15-40 engine oil.

If you’re looking for high-quality motor oil with optimum viscosity and outstanding stability, look no further. Carquest oil is one of the best choices available in the marketplace for long-term engine protection. Carquest oil lubricating mechanical components and parts of vehicles engines. Even though it is the most popular motor oil brand presently commercially available, …

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How to Clean Mechanic Hands?

Mechanic use cleaning agents to clean his greasy dirty hands after work.

Nobody can deny the difficulty of removing grease and oil from hands after a day of work as a mechanic or doing a DIY mechanical project. One of the essential parts of your body is the hands that can carry and transfer millions of bacteria and germs. Your hands are a visual representation of how …

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How to Remove Black Grease from Clothes

Mechanic is rubbing off the grease with clothes.

If you are changing your car’s oil or doing DIY maintenance on your car, black grease stains may appear on your clothing. One of the most efficient ways of removing car grease from your clothes is to wash them as soon as you notice it on your clothes. It will prevent the grease from settling …

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