How To Add Oil To a Bottle Jack – The Ultimate Guide!

bottle jack maintenance

A bottle jack, named for its bottle-like shape, is a hydraulic device used to lift heavy loads. It operates using hydraulic pressure, generated by forcing fluid from one chamber into another, creating the lift. Regular maintenance, including oil refilling, is vital for its longevity and performance. Importance of Regular Maintenance Regular maintenance, including oil checks …

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How Does A Bottle Jack Work?

Mechanic lifting the truck with 10-ton bottle jack.

While the scissor jack remains the most common jack that comes free with most vehicles, it is fast becoming the less popular choice amongst car owners everywhere. Instead, most car owners opt for the next best thing — the hydraulic bottle jack. However, if you have just acquired your bottle jack, or maybe it came …

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How To Bleed A Hydraulic Jack

Jack floor fail to lift.

Any substance that impairs the right functioning of the hydraulic fluid is considered a contaminant, and for this reason, when air gets entrained in hydraulic fluid, you need to engage in corrective action to prevent damage to the system components and fluid. Moreover, it is dangerous to use a floor jack with air entrained in …

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Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks

A lifted truck, of course, will be 3-inch taller than the standard pickup. As such, you will need a jack that can handle that extra height. However, most standard jacks are only capable of 18 inches lift. Hence, it will often not suffice to deal with the higher suspension lift of the lifted truck. Imagine …

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How Does A Hydraulic Jack Work?

2-ton hydraulic low-profile jack.

I read through a forum the other day, and one question that kept popping up in that forum was all about hydraulic jack and how it works. Of course, the hydraulic jack is often utilized in most shop works instead of being used for emergency purposes. It is also used sometimes to lift elevators in …

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Hydraulic Floor Jack Troubleshooting & Repair Instructions

Mechanic is lifting the hydraulic floor jack under a car.

A hydraulic floor jack is a hydraulic tool that many car owners use frequently. It is used when trying to fix your vehicle, but you do not know how to get underneath the car with ease. That is where the hydraulics floor jack comes in. It can easily lift your entire vehicle with no problems …

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