Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks

June 7, 2023

Methods of lifting the high profile truck with the high ground floor jack.

A lifted truck, of course, will be 3-inch taller than the standard pickup. As such, you will need a jack that can handle that extra height. However, most standard jacks are only capable of 18 inches lift. Hence, it will often not suffice to deal with the higher suspension lift of the lifted truck.

Imagine one of the tires of your lifted truck goes flat, and when you are about to replace the flat tire, you discover that you have only a standard jack at hand. Your frustration would indeed shoot up to a record high, knowing that the standard jack would not suffice to jack up your truck.

For example, if your vehicle comes with a leaf spring suspension, you might as well have a jack that can handle that additional height. You will need a jack that goes up to 20 inches high or more. So, before even considering buying your lift kit, you might as well shop around for a specialized jack designed for handling that extra height.  

What Made A Perfect Floor Jack for Lifted Truck?


When choosing a jack for lifted trucks, you need to consider how high a floor jack can go. This is because the maximum height that it can go can be a noticeable limitation if you are lifting heavy vehicles like trucks and buses. You need to measure accurately between the lift points of the vehicle to the ground.

Generally, a suspension system would necessitate an extra three-to-four inches lift capacity from a jack before it can get the wheels off the ground. So, when searching for a floor jack, you should look for something that can provide you at least 4″ lifting capacity, plus the distance between the ground and the jack insertion.


Any floor jack should have a weight rating of at least three-quarters of the vehicle’s overall weight. If most pickup trucks weigh around 4,000 pounds to 5,500 pounds, then most of the jacks mentioned here can sufficiently provide a pickup truck a safety lift.

Best Floor Jacks for Lifted Trucks

Floor jacks are the most common jack type in the market today, and it is often used for repairs and maintenance. There are myriads of floor jack’s brands and models in the market today. Hence, choosing the right one becomes a bit challenging for first-timers. To facilitate the choosing process for you, you can check out the following floor jacks most recommended by experts:

1) COOKE Pro Eagle 3 Ton Big Wheel Hydraulic Off-road Jack

The COOKE Pro Eagle “Kratos” is ideal for extreme vehicles or race trucks. This jack was awarded the best new off-road jack at SEMA, and it won this award for a good reason. This jack is a well-tested jack by experts, including drivers, shop- owners, and racers. It is best for off-road usage. It also comes with many key features that make it a worth-buying tool. 

The COOKE Pro Eagle 3 Ton is a very sensitive jack. When you make a small release of its handle, the truck will drop more quickly than the slow-drop down by other jacks. This feature is due to its having a combination of new hydraulics. Hence, don’t be shocked by its responsiveness. 

The COOKE Pro also features heavy-duty composite wheels that are non-pneumatic and come with sealed ball bearings on each its wheels. It also features solid steel axles along with its all-aluminum construction.  

Compared to the Powerbuilt 620422E, it is lighter and more portable at 60lbs. It also features an 8″ extension and a 13″ upgrade. Moreover, it comes with off-road mounts. 

The Pro Eagle 3 ton will provide more lifting power. With its extension, this jack is perfect for lifted trucks. But the most obvious benefit of this jack is its capability to glide over any rough path or surface.


The SUNEX 6603ASJPK is another excellent option if you are looking for a powerful and robust floor jack. It has a lifting capacity of three tons. It is wrought in aluminum which makes it very lightweight. Despite its being lightweight, it is powerful enough for most lifting works. 

It can put your vehicle at its maximum height with seven pumps. Hence, with minimal effort, you can lift your vehicle accordingly. Its maximum lifting height is 19.3 inches. It can stand well even if it is set on uneven grounds. It can also raise buses and trucks. 


  • It is pretty easy to use and would not enervate you when you operate it.
  • It comes with a broad base for better stability.
  • It is portable and lightweight, being made of aluminum. 


  • Its hydraulic fluid usually gets consumed.

3) Sunex 1410 10-Ton, High Height, Pin Type, Jack Stands

The Sunex 1410 Jack stands come in pairs for supporting trailers, trucks, and equipment. It features a four-legged steel base with a support tube. This support tube is made of a heavy schedule pipe for extra stability and strength. 

The support tube has holes in multiple locations for facilitating pin height adjustment. You can attach the height adjustment pin to the stand to prevent any loss. Moreover, it also features a broad saddle together with locating lugs support while positioning the vehicle frame.

The Sunex 1410 Jack Stands is designed for holding up to 10 tons. Nevertheless, it is engineered for taller usage than other jacks. It comes with a minimum height of 28 inches. Hence, you will surely not use this pair of jacks for smaller cars. 

The Sunex 1410 Jack Stands is designed for holding up to 10 tons. Nevertheless, it is engineered for taller usage than other jacks. It comes with a minimum height of 28 inches. Hence, you will surely not use this pair of jacks for smaller cars. 

When it comes to stability, this pair of jacks proves to be highly stable with legs made of heavy schedule pipe. These jacks do not rely on a latch but use a pin to insert into the center hole for consistent support. 

One downside of the use of these pair of jacks is its larger footprints. Yet, this pair of jacks is reliable, especially if you don’t have a vehicle lift.

4) Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack

If you want to get a reliable and heavy-duty jack, you should consider the Powerbuilt 620422E. The Powerbuilt 620422E is a versatile jack for workshops’ and lifted trucks’ owners. It comes with a patented design that incorporates the padded lift rails along with a removable lift saddle. These two features make this jack a powerful and versatile tool. You can use it for specialty vehicles, especially with lifted trucks.

The Powerbuilt 620422E has a lift capacity of 4000 pounds, making it a reliable jack. Moreover, it is ruggedly built, which makes it last longer than other jacks. It also comes with the necessary safety features that include a broad base for more excellent stability and tie-down points. 

Besides, it comes with a locking bar for keeping the jack in place once it has already lifted the vehicle. Its weight, of course, is a hefty 85 pounds, which is not perfect for portability. However, it also features a set of wheels that cancels out its non-portability issue.

5) Blackhawk B6350 Jack

The Blackhawk B6350 Jack is another excellent option if you are looking for a reliable floor jack. It features sturdy construction, being made of durable materials. It is best for lifting lifted trucks and other vehicles. Being made of steel construction, it can endure the tests of time and stay robust when used in your workshop. 

It has a maximum lifting capacity of three and a half tons. It also comes with several safety features to ensure that its user’s safety will never be compromised. These safety features include a specific bypass device for preventing accidental excessive pumping. It also has a safety valve that is incorporated in its design for avoiding overloading. Its swivel saddle also assures you a precise positioning of the jack. 

The Blackhawk B6350 lifting range is between five and a half inches to twenty-two inches. This range is more than enough to raise lifted vehicles to allow you to work under your vehicle and alter a flat tire easily. It also features side frames for better strength and rigidity. This feature helps in reducing the risks of twisting. Moreover, this jack won’t enervate you because of its fast-lifting capability.   


  • It comes with many safety features for reducing the risks.
  • It is capable of lifting a maximum of 3.5 tons.
  • It provides you enough leverage with a maximum lifting height of 22 inches. 


  • It lifts slowly as compared to other floor jacks.
  • It takes more storage space because its handle doesn’t fold.

6) XtremepowerUS 8 Ton Air/Hydraulic Long Ram Jack Piston Ram 8-Ton

The XtremepowerUS 8 Ton is another excellent option that you can use for engine hoists, cranes, and many other usages. Using this jack, you can quickly raise more oversized loads without exerting more significant effort on your part. 

The XtremepowerUS 8 Ton comes with a hydraulic cylinder that lets lower oil pressure to raise a vehicle. With its hydraulic design, it can reduce its wear, extending the overall life of the unit. 

High-quality oil powers its hydraulic cylinder, giving it better resistance to rusting. It also lets the unit handle the vicissitudes of temperature from 105 degrees down to 40 degrees.

The good thing about this jack is that it offers a dual-function option. This dual-function option lets you choose between pneumatic operation and manual operation. This gives you more versatility in its use. Lastly, XtremepowerUS 8 Ton is made of high-grade steel and built according to high standards for more outstanding durability and quality.

7) Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48″ Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack

It’s the most portable jack for lifted trucks and can be used on any ground conditions. The Hi-Lift Jack HL484 features a versatile, rugged jack with the ability to perform various heavy-duty tasks efficiently. It is a cast and steel jack that comes with four high strength and stamped steel parts. This jack is less expensive than other jacks. Nevertheless, it shows high-quality. 

Hi-Lift Jack HL484 has a tested capacity of 7,000 lbs. It also features 4660 rated capacity. Despite its relatively light construction, it has a high rated capacity. However, its tested load capacity is 7000 pounds, which is enough for lifting most models of lifted trucks.

Another noteworthy feature of this jack is its two-piece handle design that reduces the bending risk under pressure, which is a frequent issue in most mechanical jacks with a single handle.

It is also very safe to use and is equipped with a shear bolt for preventing the jack from loading more than it can bear. Of course, it is perfect for use in your lifted truck, and you’ll be impressed with its performance.

8) ABN 3 Ton Electric Hydraulic Jack

If you’re looking for a floor jack you can rely on, you should check this ABN Electric Hydraulic Jack. ABN may be a new entry into the industry, but this company is doing a great job in delivering great products. Its hydraulic jack can come in handy for any roadside emergency. It also comes with a LED light to signal your presence in the dark. 

Its rated capacity is three tons, which translates to 6,000 pounds. It also has a lift range from six to seventeen and a half inches. You can use this hydraulic jack to lift almost all types of cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans, given its maximum lifting capacity. It is also portable, given its weight of 7.9 pounds weight. 

This hydraulic jack, of course, is electric, so you don’t need to sweat out yourself when operating it. You can likewise plug it into a 12V outlet. It also comes with a power cord which is eleven and a half-foot long. Moreover, it comes with two switches for the LED light and vertical lift. The LED light, of course, can come in handy to signal that someone is working on his vehicles while on the road.


  • You can rely on it in lifting various types of vehicles. 
  • It also comes with a handy LED light for additional safety.
  • It is almost fail-proof because of its self-locking system as well as a safety valve. 
  • It is lightweight at 7.9 pounds.
  • It is user-friendly. 


  • It necessitates an extension cord if you work on the rear area of your vehicle. 
  • It can be a bit noisy when operated.

9) Alltrade 640912 Bottle Jack

If you’re looking for a multipurpose jack that is quite powerful, you should check out the Alltrade 640912. It can bolster a maximum weight of three tons, which makes it useful for carrying many types of vehicles. It comes with several safety features to make the jacking-up process easy and safe. These safety features prevent sliding and accidents. Moreover, it features a complete steel base for excellent support and durability. 

The Alltrade 640912 has a broad steel base that allows for more excellent stability when under load. Its height range is from eleven to twenty-one inches. Besides, it comes with a strong bar that serves as a safety bar for preventing it from lowering once it has already raised the load to its maximum height.


  • It offers maximum strength with its steel base. 
  • It works well on its own, so you don’t need to sweat yourself out in jacking up your vehicle.  
  • It comes with excellent safety features. 


  • The hydraulic fluid may tend to leak, according to some users. 
  • The jack is quite heavy.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Right Jacks for Lifted Trucks

Whether you are driving an SUV or a 4×4 off-road truck, you should have the correct jack stand for lifting it in case of an emergency; moreover, the lifting must be done safely. It will help to consider the following essential factors to consider when buying a jack for your lifted truck:

Lift Capacity

Jacks are incredibly safe to use and reliable if you use them correctly and use the right one for your vehicle’s weight. Jack stands come in different types. They are also categorized according to weight capacity and height. The jack stand’s weight capacity is expressed in tons.

The ideal weight of a jack stand is 3/4 of the given load. If the load is 4 tons, the jack should have a lift capacity of 3 tons. Moreover, the jack stand should have a robust structural strength. Otherwise, it will collapse under the suspended load’s weight, and such an incident might be fatal. So, ensure that you get the jack stand with the most appropriate lift-capacity.

Adjustable Height

Lifted trucks usually have four distinct lift points. If it is a Hi-lift farm style jack, you need to lift from the bumper. Thus, you need to measure the bumper’s distance to the ground to get a good idea of the minimum lift requirement. 

Remember, most suspension systems necessitate an extra 3-4 inches of lift capacity to lift the wheels off the ground. Hence, it will be best to get a jack that can provide about 4 inches of lift, including the height measurement of the ground’s distance to the jack insertion.

With the right jack, you can raise the axles of your lifted truck to the desired height. The jack stand’s style determines the level of saddle’s adjustability. Besides, knowing the length between the jack insertion point and the ground will help you determine the minimum distance required for lifting loads.

Structure Strength

Jack stands come in many types of materials and made. Many heavy-duty jack stands are wrought in forged iron or heavy-gauge steel materials. However, your choice of a manufacturer may play a crucial role in the type of jack stands you will have. 

You will find jacks with aluminum frames. Of course, aluminum jacks come with lesser weights. Moreover, they resist more the onset of corrosion, compared to forged-steel jacks. Nevertheless, if you opt for pin-type or ratchet jack stands, it will help if you go for steel materials, given the more tensile strength of steel.  

Lifting Speed

Another factor to consider when choosing a jack is the lifting speed. Some jacks like that of the hydraulic jack are often tiring and frustrating to use. You will need to make repeated movements to lift the saddle, which is quite frustrating for many. Moreover, it is cumbersome to use. 

Hence, when buying a jack for your lifted truck, you need to look for something that comes with quick adjustment mechanisms. Go for something with ratchet bars for superior lifting strength to let the saddle bars effortlessly reach the desired height.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Aside from knowing the critical factors to consider and the most recommended floor jacks for lifted trucks, it will also help if you are cognizant of the following FAQs about floor jacks for lifted trucks:

How Big Should the Jack for My Lifted Truck?

The size of the floor jack that you would use should depend on your truck size. You can roughly calculate whether the jack you will be using is appropriate for your truck by dividing your truck’s total weight by two. Afterward, take note of the quotient. Then, select a jack that can handle more than the weight figure you have come up with.

What Jack Should You Use for Jacking Up a Lifted Truck?

If you are driving a lifted truck, the jack you should have at hand must be capable of handling the lifting of your lifted truck. Since a lifted truck is at least 3-inch taller than the ordinary pickup, you need to check the max load capacity of the jack and its lift range to make sure that the jack can handle your lifted truck.

Which is Stronger: Steel Jacks or Aluminum Jacks?

It may be logical to believe that the aluminum floor jacks are less sturdy than the steel jacks; after all, we know that steel is more robust than aluminum. Yet, aluminum jacks are not flimsier because they are lighter than steel jacks. To tell if a jack will be strong enough for the task you intend to use it, you only need to look at its maximum load capacity. If it has a rating of 3.5 tons, it is safe to lift 3.5 tons, regardless of whether it is wrought in aluminum or steel.  

Can a 3-ton Jack Rise or Lift a Truck?

The three-ton jack can lift any passenger car. It can also raise a truck, for it can support, for sure, up to seventy percent of the truck’s total weight. If you have a truck that is around 7K pounds, you will need a jack that can lift about 5K pounds. So, you will need a jack with a rating of at least 2.5 tons. Thus, based on your theoretical calculation, such a jack can lift a 7,000-pound vehicle.

What Will Happen If You Overload a Jack?

The reason why manufacturers of jacks indicate the rated carrying capacity of their jacks is because they want to inform the users of the maximum load that they can put on their jacks. If you are not wary of these rated load capacities, you may end up with an accident when using a jack. Moreover, if you are using a hydraulic floor jack, the hydraulic seals of the jack may fail if you constantly overload your jack. 

In such a failure of the hydraulic seals, you need to rebuild its hydraulic ram. Some jacks come with release valves for preventing the fall. Nevertheless, even if a jack has a safety valve, it is not advisable to overload your jack and lift a heavier load than it can. 


With its large axles and wheels, the lifted truck will be 3 inches taller than the standard pickup. Thus, the standard jack will never be able to handle the lifted truck well. You will need a jack that can handle the extra height of the lifted truck; moreover, you will need a heavy-duty hydraulic jack with 2 to 15 tons capacity. This heavy-duty hydraulic jack can take the load and ensure that you are safe when working on your lifted truck. 

Just imagine if you are not using a heavy-duty jack, the jack may wobble under intense load, and your safety will be compromised. Hence, it will help if you choose a jack with the qualities mentioned above to ensure that it can handle the task and secure your safety while working on your lifted truck.

Having known that an intelligent purchase hinges on many factors, it will be best to know these critical factors to ensure that you will make a smart purchase. Moreover, you should not shortchange yourself by buying a cheaper floor jack, for it is your safety that is at stake when it comes to the use of floor jacks. So, when purchasing a floor jack, it will be best to consider every critical factor that needs to be considered. 

For example, if you would use your floor jack more often inside your shop or garage with concrete floors, you can always go for steel caster jacks. It will provide you with good clearance (lowest) and remarkable stability. Nevertheless, if you are out on the road, you might also bring a Pro Eagle or a Trail Jack with you. You can also go for the Safe Jack Unit, which is perfect for either type of application and situation.