How To Test Small Engine Ignition Coil With Multimeter

Mechanic inspecting the ignition coil on small engine.

The ignition coil, of course, is one component of the engine responsible for creating the necessary voltage to fire the spark plug. If it is faulty or damaged, the engine would not really start; hence, you need to replace the ignition coil in such instances. To check if the ignition coil is damaged, you can …

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Best Carburetor Cleaning Solvents & Cleaners

Cleaning carburetor in the bucket.

A friend of mine asked me a question the other day about carburetor cleaning solvents, and I couldn’t help but chuckled a bit upon hearing that he was still using a vehicle equipped with a carburetor. Well, my friend is undoubtedly a certified stickler. Hence, he could not let go of his old 1990 Subaru. …

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Best Fuel Stabilizer for Small Engines

Different brands of fuel stabilizers that suitable for 2-stroke engines.

Small engines such as ATVs, lawnmowers, snowblowers, gas-powered generators, pressure washers, pumps, portable machines, and other non-road vehicle engines are often left in the storage room after being used. Some owners are not even aware that without using fuel stabilizers, the fuel left in the tanks of these machines for more than 30 days deteriorates …

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Best Standby Generators for Home Use

Home Standby Generator comes in different sizes and brands, but all provide similar functionality. It operates automatically and immediately within seconds of a power outage and begins supplying power to the house.  The standby generator shuts off as soon as the utility power returns and goes back to standby mode.  Each brand has specific features …

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Different Tools for Small Engine Repairs

Small engines are typically used in many applications. They usually power lawn mowers, portable generators, garden tillers, different kinds of pumps, ATV’s, go-carts, motorcycles, forklifts, and snowmobiles, and even refrigerated trailers. These small engines used in these vehicles are usually characterized by single-cylinder and four-stroke air-cooled motors whose range of power is from 5 to …

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Small Engine Carburetors

One of the most critical parts of a small engine is the small engine carburetor. The small engine carburetor is the part that enables the mixing of fuel, and air and this mixing of air and fuel is essential for the functioning of an engine. If you would look intently at the carburetor, you would …

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