How Much Does A Diesel Mechanic Make Per Hour?

Since Rudolf Diesel got his patent for an apparatus or method of changing heat into work and made his diesel engine prototype in 1893, the diesel engine has improved at a rapid clip. Moreover, since the diesel engine exhibits high efficiency and offers several advantages over other engines with different operating principles, diesel engines have …

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How to Connect & Remove a PTO Shaft from Tractor

Mechanic connecting the tractor PTO shaft to the implement.

The Power Take-Off driveshafts provide power to your piece of equipment, and this equipment could be a rotary motor or a rotary tiller, or any other implement. Moreover, tractors with PTO driveshafts can pull any type of PTO-driven equipment. When the tractor’s PTO driveshaft engages with the implement’s PTO shaft, the shaft rotates around one …

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How To Test A Tractor Starter Solenoid

Inspecting the tractor starter solenoid components.

Tractors, of course, are somewhat similar to cars when it comes to their starting components. They more often use an electrical starting system. If this electrical starting system fails, the tractor will surely not start.  The tractor starter solenoid features a cylindrical design, and its primary purpose is to complete the connection loop between the …

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What Does PTO Stand For On A Tractor?

Tractor rear pto unit.

PTO stands for Power Take-off in a tractor. This piece of equipment may be a jackhammer or another implement that you attach to the tractor via the PTO. If you’ve ever been to a farm or have engaged in farming before, you would surely get familiar with the PTO of the tractor. But what actually …

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