Hand Saws That Cut Metal

Imagine yourself cutting through a piece of metal, and you’re already sweating profusely. Yet, you are not making significant progress in your cut. Well, you might be using the wrong saw, or your saw does not have a suitable blade for cutting such material. When cutting hard metal, you can either use a hand saw …

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Best Metal Lathe for Beginners

All types and models of affordable lathe machines.

A metal lathe is a machine that shapes metals by removing or shaving off material from the workpiece through cutting, drilling, turning, facing, and threading. It is comprised of the headstock located at the left side of the equipment, the tailstock on the far right, the carriage in between the two, and the bed that …

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Best Metal Lathe For Home Shop

Testing the metal lathe machine.

Metal lathe machine is very useful on creating and shaping the rounded metal and hardwood parts. We all know that having the best lathe in your home workshop will go a long way when it comes to dealing with metals. Picking the right lathe is a complicated process, and you need to know what you …

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What Causes Porosity in Welding? (Solutions & Prevention)

Welding bead that full of porosity defects.

Welding porosity is tiny gas cavities or holes which present themselves in the weld bead. The gas cavities differ in size and are present all around the weld bed in a separate way. They usually present themselves under or on top of the weld surface. The porosity usually isn’t a problem when it comes to …

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What Are Welding Rods Made of?

A pack of welding rod.

The rod that creates the metal bead is called the “welding electrode.” Using an electrical current, the welding electrode can be used to make welding metal beads. The welding electrode is made of two different parts, namely:  The actual metal  The flux coating The actual metal out of which the electrode is made can be any of …

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Slag Inclusion In Welding

Causes and examples of slag inclusion when welding.

In some welding processes, a byproduct called welding slag will often form together with the welding results. But, sometimes, it might cause slag inclusions in welding if the welder was unable to handle the welding process properly. It is a type of clear and glasslike material that is formed due to flux materials melting in or on …

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