Best Battery Chargers for Diesel Truck

Different models of battery charges that suitable to boost your diesel truck battery power.

I was reading through a forum the other day, and one question that kept on popping up was all about why diesel trucks have two batteries. The answer is quite apparent—the diesel engine has higher compression and resistance than gas engines. Thus, it needs more power to get it started. Having a higher compression ratio …

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What Is a Crew Cab Truck?

4 different brands of crew cab truck in the market.

One of the most common types of pickup trucks is the crew cab, which has four typical front opening doors as well as two rows of seats that can accommodate four to six passengers. If you want to know more, please continue reading this article for more information regarding crew cab pickup trucks. History of …

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What is a 4×2 Truck?

The majority of standard trucks are 4 x 2, which means that a driveshaft is used to transfer torque to the back wheels. So, precisely, what is a 4 x 2 truck? Do you want to see whether buying a 4 x 2 truck is the best choice for you? Let’s talk about what it …

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What Is Considered High Mileage For A Diesel?

Ram truck driving long-distance trip.

When it comes to engine comparison, it will be safe to say that diesel engines are more durable than gas engines and get higher mileage than gas engines. Diesel engines are characterized by significant longevity compared to gas engines. Moreover, diesel engine architecture is stouter compared to the gas engine, and its applications require a …

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Best Shocks for Towing Dodge

Ram Dodge towing a camper.

A friend asks me the other day about the best shock for towing Dodge. So, I’ve researched and considered my long years of experience in tuning Dodge trucks to come up with this article. Selecting a new set of shocks will improve your truck’s smoothness on the road and your truck’s handling, helping you get …

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Best Underglow Kit for Trucks

Different models of truck with underbody RGB lights.

An underbody under glow kit is a popularly termed as a ground effects lighting. It is visual customization lighting for your Truck. This series of lights attached to your Truck’s chassis lights up the ground just beneath your vehicle. Simply stating, this kit is aftermarket customization. Recommended Underflow Kits for Trucks 1) OPT7 Aura 4pc …

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