How to Carry out A Tightness Test with A Gas Test Gauge? – Unveiled!


A gas tightness test is crucial for ensuring the safety of gas installations in properties. As a key part of gas safety assessments, it involves checking gas pressure in pipework to detect leaks or weaknesses. This test is vital in preventing gas-related accidents, such as explosions, fires, and exposure to harmful gases. Conducting the test …

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How to Remove an Oil Filter Without a Wrench? Tips and Tricks

Removing an Oil Filter

Sometimes, you might find yourself needing to remove an oil filter without a wrench. This could be due to the expense of specialized tools, a damaged or lost wrench, or an incompatible wrench for your vehicle’s filter. Knowing alternative methods can save time and money, especially in urgent situations. What You Need Before you start, …

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How To Add Oil To a Bottle Jack – The Ultimate Guide!

bottle jack maintenance

A bottle jack, named for its bottle-like shape, is a hydraulic device used to lift heavy loads. It operates using hydraulic pressure, generated by forcing fluid from one chamber into another, creating the lift. Regular maintenance, including oil refilling, is vital for its longevity and performance. Importance of Regular Maintenance Regular maintenance, including oil checks …

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How Does A Bottle Jack Work?

Mechanic lifting the truck with 10-ton bottle jack.

While the scissor jack remains the most common jack that comes free with most vehicles, it is fast becoming the less popular choice amongst car owners everywhere. Instead, most car owners opt for the next best thing — the hydraulic bottle jack. However, if you have just acquired your bottle jack, or maybe it came …

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Benefits of Changing Spark Plugs

Replacing an old spark plug for a vehicle.

Think about your vehicle’s spark plug as the lightning bolt that delivers the energy your car engine needs to start up. In more technical terms, your spark plug creates an electric spark across a small gap, which ignites an air-fuel mixture and makes the combustion that starts up your vehicle when you turn the key. …

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Brakes Making Noise When Stopping: Causes and Solutions

When you apply your car brakes, do you hear a squealing, scraping, or squeak sound? This may be a sign that something may not be right with your brake system, and you should take your vehicle in for an inspection as soon as you can. One of the most common complaints many car owners make …

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