Brakes Making Noise When Stopping: Causes and Solutions

When you apply your car brakes, do you hear a squealing, scraping, or squeak sound? This may be a sign that something may not be right with your brake system, and you should take your vehicle in for an inspection as soon as you can. One of the most common complaints many car owners make …

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Do You Add Coolant to Radiator or Reservoir?

Regardless of your car model, sometimes your coolant level will drop so much that you need to add some more to keep your engine running smoothly and safely. But, what determines whether you add coolant to your radiator or reservoir? If your vehicle has a radiator reservoir, it is usually best to add the coolant …

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Best Low Profile Creepers

A low-profile creeper is an indispensable piece of equipment in the arsenal of every mechanic when needed to work under the vehicles with low ground clearance. After all, they not only make work on the underside of vehicles more convenient, but they also ensure you can stay more comfortable throughout the entire process. However, not …

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Brake Pedal Goes to Floor But No Leaks: Why?

Statistics have shown that soft brakes constitute a hazard to both you and other road users as they make slowing down your car (and stopping) much harder. So, naturally, if your brake pedal has to reach the floor before your vehicle slows down, then you shouldn’t be driving that car. Ideally, your brake pedal should …

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Is It Normal for Coolant Level to Drop?

Coolant level dropped.

The primary purpose of your engine coolant is to keep the engine temperature low on hot days and increase in extremely cold temperatures. But should your coolant level do down while it goes about its duties? The answer is yes. You should expect some drop (although minimal) in your coolant level when your engine reaches …

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Knocking Noise When Braking at Low Speeds 

Checking the brake knocking noise in car repair workshop.

Whenever your brakes make a knocking noise, it is never a pleasant experience to be driving around your area. If you hear odd sounds coming from your brakes, this is a warning sign that something is wrong, and you should get it checked out by an expert. Driving about with faulty brakes is never a …

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