Why Does Oil Smell Like Gas?

Mechanic found that the engine oil was mixed with the gas and smell like gas fuel.

Your car’s oil should not smell like gas, and if it does, you should check the reason. It might be because you don’t drive your vehicle long distance; hence, its engine doesn’t really get hot. It might also be a case of a rich air-fuel mixture due to faulty injectors or misfires. Of course, you …

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What Happens When An Oil Pump Fails?

Repairing the oil pump leaking and loss of power to pump the oil to engine parts.

Oil pump is the very heart of your car’s lubrication system. The oil pump sucks oil from the oil pan and then forces it around the engine’s oilways. It is an internal combustion engine’s component that circulates engine oil to the camshaft, rotating bearings, and pistons. Hence, its role in lubricating all these engine components …

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Best Battery Chargers for Diesel Truck

Different models of battery charges that suitable to boost your diesel truck battery power.

I was reading through a forum the other day, and one question that kept on popping up was all about why diesel trucks have two batteries. The answer is quite apparent—the diesel engine has higher compression and resistance than gas engines. Thus, it needs more power to get it started. Having a higher compression ratio …

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What Causes Carbon Buildup on Pistons?

Many drivers would not want the outside of their engine to look dirty. Yet it doesn’t matter if the outside of your engine looks a bit messy. The important thing is that the inside of your car engine is clean. If there are carbon deposits inside your engine pistons, the performance of your car engine …

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How Does A Glow Plug Work?

A set of glow plugs for diesel engine.

Have you ever tried to dismantle a diesel engine? If you had, you might have seen a glow plug up close. Glow plug, of course, is less popular than the sparkplug. In fact, many would mistake it for the sparkplug. Yet, it is different from the sparkplug, for you will only find it in diesel …

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Guide on Starting A Diesel With Bad Glow Plugs

Checking the glow plug condition in the diesel engine after failed to start the engine.

Glow plugs, of course, are components susceptible to wear over time. As such, there will come a time when your glow plugs will go wrong. Hence, you need to check them every 80,000 to 100,000 km. So, if you’ve been driving your car for several years, it will be best to have the glow plugs …

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