How to Fix Hard Shifting Automatic Transmission

Driver find it's difficult to shift its automatic gear.

Automatic transmissions are intended to make driving a whole lot more convenient. Automatic transmissions, on the other hand, maybe very inconvenient when they aren’t functioning properly. It is undoubtedly problematic when your transmission slips, but it may lead to additional problems down the road if you ignore the problem. Experts say that replacing the transmission …

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White Smoke On Startup Then Disappears

Car generate white smoke when starting engine.

If you see any sort of smoke coming from your exhaust on startup, whether it’s white smoke, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your car and it needs your attention. No matter how you detect the white smoke, you must act quickly to stop it from becoming worse. Make an appointment with your …

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Who Makes Carquest Oil?

Change new engine oil with Carquest 15-40 engine oil.

If you’re looking for high-quality motor oil with optimum viscosity and outstanding stability, look no further. Carquest oil is one of the best choices available in the marketplace for long-term engine protection. Carquest oil lubricating mechanical components and parts of vehicles engines. Even though it is the most popular motor oil brand presently commercially available, …

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How to Clean Mechanic Hands?

Mechanic use cleaning agents to clean his greasy dirty hands after work.

Nobody can deny the difficulty of removing grease and oil from hands after a day of work as a mechanic or doing a DIY mechanical project. One of the essential parts of your body is the hands that can carry and transfer millions of bacteria and germs. Your hands are a visual representation of how …

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Why Is My Car Shaking When I Stop or Idling?

Driver feel the car is shaking when stop or idling.

Well-running and idle-smooth engines are an indication that the fuel and air supplied to the engine are mixing at their optimum levels. An engine in good condition can provide the power required to run crucial systems such as electrical systems, air conditioners, cooling systems, and power steering. When you idle, does your vehicle start to …

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How to Clean Mechanic Tools

Cleaned hand tools placed on the workbench.

Using high-quality mechanic tools indicates a high level of expertise in mechanics. For anybody who is meticulous about his tools, he knows how to keep his mechanic tools clean. Your tools will be guaranteed to be completely free of grease and dirt. It’s not difficult to see why you may find yourself needing to clean …

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