Brakes Making Noise When Stopping: Causes and Solutions

When you apply your car brakes, do you hear a squealing, scraping, or squeak sound? This may be a sign that something may not be right with your brake system, and you should take your vehicle in for an inspection as soon as you can. One of the most common complaints many car owners make …

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Brake Pedal Goes to Floor But No Leaks: Why?

Statistics have shown that soft brakes constitute a hazard to both you and other road users as they make slowing down your car (and stopping) much harder. So, naturally, if your brake pedal has to reach the floor before your vehicle slows down, then you shouldn’t be driving that car. Ideally, your brake pedal should …

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Knocking Noise When Braking at Low Speeds 

Checking the brake knocking noise in car repair workshop.

Whenever your brakes make a knocking noise, it is never a pleasant experience to be driving around your area. If you hear odd sounds coming from your brakes, this is a warning sign that something is wrong, and you should get it checked out by an expert. Driving about with faulty brakes is never a …

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Why Is My Car Shaking When I Brake?

Driver feel the car is vibrate and shaking while braking.

If you’re not talented enough to diagnose a vehicle immediately, you will probably have to distinguish the inherent problem through the removal method. In this way, a variety of probable culprits can be eliminated. Even though doing it can be exhausting. If your car is shaking while you’re driving, a skilled technician can pinpoint the …

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Brake Caliper Sticking When Hot (Symptoms, Causes & Fixes)

Repairing the stuck brake caliper.

One of the most important factors to consider when determining vehicle quality and dependability is safety in the automotive industry. Brakes come to mind when discussing safety since they are the component that causes your vehicle to go to a complete halt. When it comes to brakes, how swiftly and smoothly the vehicle comes to …

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Different Types of Brake Fade

Mechanic is repairing the brake fade issues.

Brake fade is the brake system’s partial or total inability to stop the vehicle due to the brake pads’ overheating. In such a case, you have already tried to push on the pedal. Yet, the pedal remained high and firm while the vehicle continued to move. Brake fade can be an issue in vehicles that …

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