Best Wheel Cleaner for Brake Dust

Car owner is cleaning up the tire from the brake dust.

Ever noticed a black, gray, or copper dust coating the wheels of your car? Nope, it is not dirt or grime that accumulated over time, but what you would call the brake dust. It is quite normal for your wheels to have brake dust as it is a natural byproduct of a brake operation. Types …

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How Do Disc Brakes Work?

new car disc brake in workshop.

Understanding how a brake disc works would enable you to see more the importance of brakes. A disc brake, of course, is one type of brakes. It makes use of calipers that squeeze pairs of pads against a rotor or a disc to create the necessary friction to make the car stop. This action slows …

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How Does Drum Brake Work?

A mechanic is replacing a drum brake.

The Drum brake was once the standard method for stopping vehicles. With the introduction of the disc brake, its use became secondary to the disc brake. Disc brakes, of course, come with greater braking force. Hence, automobile manufacturers consider it a safer type of brake than the drum brake. The drum brake, however, did not …

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