8 Best Mid Size Touring Motorcycles

Touring motorcycles have gained popularity these days. It is a kind of motorcycle that is tailored for touring. Though most motorcycles can be utilized in touring, there is an exact model for this purpose. Considering the uniqueness of its riders’ needs, touring motorcycles have windshields and oversized displacement fairings. These features protect its riders from …

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Is It Bad To Hold The Clutch In On A Motorcycle?

Holding motorcycle clutch.

When I drive my motorcycle, I usually hold the clutch. Whether it is on ramps or even around turns, it is a usual thing for me. When I am caught into traffic or seeing the red light turn on, I find myself holding into it again. Weird, I may say. I always hit the clutch …

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How Long Do Motorcycle Tires Last?

Changing the worn out motorcycle tire.

Unlike other perishable food products, tires are not tagged with an expiry date. To know its degradation rate, there are various factors to be carefully looked into. But, have you ever noticed the four-digit number that is stamped on its sidewalls? These numbers tell us the specific week and the year to which these tires …

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Best Lightweight Touring Motorcycles

Difference types of lightweight touring motorcycles.

Lightweight Touring Motorcycles are often underrated, but they provide their owner with several advantages such as high maintainability, fuel economy; they feature high tech functions that are essential. They are easily managed when compared to others. To create a bit of awareness for these beautiful and trusted steeds, we have chosen some of these wonderful …

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What Is The Safest Motorcycle Helmet?

Motorcyclist wears quality helmet for safety.

“It was in 1900 when motorcycle helmet was created”, says Helmet Saves. Dr. Gardner and Mr. Moss are the names behind the design of the first helmet. To be specific, the first motorcycle helmet, which was made of shellac and canvas, amazed the world in 1914. This was used to protect the motorcycle riders’ sensitive …

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How Often To Change Motorcycle Oil?

Scheduling the motorcycle oil changing session.

There are succinct reasons why every motorcycle driver should change oil and know when to change the oil. These reasons include oil breakdown and oil contamination. On the one hand, the heat generated during the combustion process causes the breakdown of oil over time. On the other hand, oil contamination happens when debris enters the …

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