Best Italian Motorcycle Brands

Top motorcycle manufacturers in Italy.

Italian bikes are famed around the world thanks to their excellent performance and long earned prestige. However, a question of what brand offers the best arises. The answer to that question will likely be challenging to come by if you have neither used nor know anything about Italian motorcycles. That is the purpose of this … Read more

Signs of A Bad Motorcycle Battery

Test on the battery with device.

Batteries won’t last forever. There is a maximum lifespan/expectancy for every battery, even the best around. This is a result of the primary composition of batteries, which are chemicals, and these chemicals over time weaken or decompose—thereby affecting the functionality of the battery. Different factors can affect the lifespan of your motorcycle battery. Factors such … Read more

What Is A Rekluse Clutch?

The Rekluse clutch is a type of auto clutch invented by Rekluse that automatically engages or disengages the clutch based on engine rpm and, ultimately, transmit power to the final drive. As a result of actuation, the clutch can be engaged or disengaged through the rider’s input. But the rider variation of the clutch is … Read more

Motorcycle Types With Pictures

Different types and models of motorcycles on the road.

A lot of factors are considered before classifying motorcycles. These factors are based on the type of work or usage the bike will undergo or the specific purpose it was built for by the designer, and in some cases, both factors are combined.  Generally, there are six major categories for motorcycles. They are Sports bike, … Read more