Best Motorcycle Air Ride System

Motorcycle installed with a pair of air ride system.

Air rides are commonly referred to as “the smooth ride” in a vehicle due to its active pneumatic suspension system, which is better than a spring or hydraulic system. Air suspension kits are a helpful tool in the enhancement of a bike’s overall health and performance. It features all the parts needed by anyone to …

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Motorcycle Safety Gear List

Motorcyclist wearing and fitting the safety gear.

Being safe with everything you do is necessary; the same goes when riding a motorcycle, whether you have been riding for years or just months. Getting your motorcycle gear is an investment in your safety. Some people go in jeans and hiking boots, which is cheaper. You might want to know how much it would …

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Best Motorcycle Gloves For Numb Hands

Motorcyclist wearing a thick glove to prevent hand numbness.

When you’re driving your motorbike on the highway, you will feel vibrations originating from the engines and handlebars. Although these vibrations are fairly manageable, they eventually would become more intense during long-distance drives. As your wrist, hand, and forearm begin to tire, you would feel these vibrations more intensely, causing your hand to become more …

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What Is A Slipper Clutch?

Mechanism of the slipper clutch for motorbike.

The slipper clutch is a specialized clutch, also known as “back-torque limiter.” It comes with an integrated freewheel mechanism that is specially developed for performance-oriented motorcycles. It is designed to lessen the effects of engine braking when the motorcycle slows down. Moreover, its primary purpose is to mitigate engine rev as well as that of …

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