Motorcycle Safety Gear List

June 17, 2021

Motorcyclist wearing and fitting the safety gear.

Being safe with everything you do is necessary; the same goes when riding a motorcycle, whether you have been riding for years or just months. Getting your motorcycle gear is an investment in your safety. Some people go in jeans and hiking boots, which is cheaper. You might want to know how much it would cost when shopping for your gear and if you take it for granted.

The question remains, what do you look for when shopping for your motorcycle gear? Should it be material over style? Function overfitting? These are frequently asked questions, and we are going to proffer solutions to them to make your shopping easier.

List of Essential Safety Gear For Motorcycle


This gear is often mandated by law. It is an excellent way to protect your head. Twenty-one states in the U.S mandate that riders wear a helmet while the other states require youngsters to wear a helmet, this is according to the IIHS. Make sure you get a helmet that meets the standards of Snell or the Department of Transportation Safety Standards.

Most riders lament about how uncomfortable it feels or how it disrupts their free-wheeling style. No matter your style, you would find a suitable helmet to fit you properly and still not cramp your style.

When shopping for a helmet, try it on and make sure it does not move from side to side or up and down. Be sure it fits your head correctly and make sure there are no rugged angles; check for points that may feel too tight, which may cause some discomfort if worn for an extended period.


Gloves are usually neglected, but they offer your hands protection. You make think they aren’t that essential. If you fall, you will put your hand before you break your fall; thus, your glove acts as a cushion.

There are few materials to choose from when choosing a glove or jacket or pants. Leather is the most common and right choice; some companies add paddings to the finger, knuckles, and palm for added protection. There are some blends of textiles that feature abrasion protection and are also waterproof.

Apart from the issue of what material to choose, it would help if you got a glove that fits snugly but doesn’t cause discomfort. You need to be able to press buttons and pull levers while riding without any distress; using an oversized glove would be uncomfortable and treacherous.


Due to the weight of your bike, you need a boot to help you in supporting the weight of your motorcycle, with your legs and ankles even on a slippery or rough surface. Because of this reason, you need an oil-resistant, non-slip soles boots with excellent ankle support as the barest minimum. When choosing a boot, take it by the toe and heel and twist; if the footwear looks mangled, then you would know that footwear wouldn’t protect your feet.

An appropriate boot would not allow twisting. To reduce the impact felt by your feet, you need a durable heel and toe boxes. The boot should have armor over the shin and ankle for protection. A proper boot for riders should reach above your ankle and be secured. If it is loose, it would most likely come off in the face of an accident, providing no protection.


A jacket is vital, no matter the weather or how far you want to ride. Go through our article, which has details on the different parts of a jacket and their functionality and how it keeps you safe from a June bugs sting.

From leather to synthetic, numerous materials can be used. It is up to you to chose what you like. Leather may look rugged or too flashy if you use a regular sports model. But a synthetic model may last you longer, especially if you are on the road always. The jacket shouldn’t be too bulky or loose and should offer functionality. When choosing, think of functionality first before style, you may or may not need an inner or outer pocket. You need a jacket that gives you room to ride comfortably.


Most riders use a full helmet with a Plexiglas face shield, so they don’t necessarily need a google. You still need a google if your helmet shield does not have UV protection and some tint, you will need to find a sunglass that is slim to reduce the glare of the sun and offer protection to your eyes.

While some other riders like to feel the air on their face, they need a pair of goggles to protect their eyes. There are series of styles to select from, from the old school styles which have round lenses and leather straps to high technology wrap around styles that are a step higher than sport style glasses when related to safety.

Ear Plug for Hearing Protection

Most riders don’t realize the effect of riding without an earplug until you feel the fatigue. Your ears are continually pounded by sounds even though you are wearing a helmet. You don’t have to get fancy, over the top earplug, you could get a universal pack at any grocery store, and it would work correctly. They work by reducing the amount of static, called white noise, that passes over the helmet from the wind. It also reduces traffic sounds but not to a point where you are unable to hear anything, and you would still be able to hear what’s happening around you.

Pants or Chaps

When you are a rider, you don’t worry about what pants to wear; you might think that regular jeans cover it because they protect bugs and dirt.

If you are a long-distance rider or enjoy a dirt bike or racing, you need a durable material over your legs. Leather pants or chaps are the go-to for old school riders, but whichever way you go, they keep you dry from the rain.

There are pants made specifically made for sports like a dirt bike and race riders, and they are equipped with inbuilt knee caps and hip and lower spine pads. If you end up in the mud as your weekend routine, you need a sturdy pant to save you.

This list contains most of the necessary protection you would need, but there is still much more gear that could help you feel more at ease, such as riding trousers.

Knee and Elbow Guards

The protective pads on the knee usually focus on the knee, but it also extends to the joint. Some reach over to the shin, while others just stay at the knee, thus offering some sort of protection to the thigh and part of the shin.

The same purpose is attributed to elbow guards. Most times, falling off your bike in a dirt track is life-threatening but might cause the rider to injure his knees or elbow because that what is used to break his fall. Taking precautions and protecting your elbows and knees from abrasions which could save you a hospital trip.


Having a body armor is the best; it protects you from impacts by absorbing the energy your body would typically receive without an armor. When you get body armor, whether it came as part of a kit or you purchased it on its own, you should ensure that it fits properly to prevent it from moving in the event of a crash. It shouldn’t restrict your movement and have no discomfort.

You can upgrade your gear to make room for pockets. It is best to enhance the back protector to prevent damage to the armor. If you have a floppy foam in your jacket, you can always replace it with a more durable substance or get a suitable one, different from the jacket.

Safety Vest

As a rider, it is known that cars and trucks find it difficult to sport bikes when they are behind. Morning rides can be a bit difficult because of the fog or drizzle, and it could also prove difficult at dusk.

You could make it easy for the motorist to spot you if you wear a bright-colored, reflective vest. They are sold in almost all bike shops. They might not be fancy when it comes to style, and the colors, however, will attract the attention of anyone, which is what a rider needs, especially at times when it is not so bright outside.

There are also reflective strips that work the same way as the vest; they reflect headlight, which aids visibility, so you could get some strips and put them on your helmets or boots. You may not want to ruin your paint job by placing sticky strips on it, but putting it on any piece of clothing you may be wearing goes a long way in preventing accidents, thus keeping you safe as you ride in any lighting.

This gives you an idea of how vast motorcycle gear could be. If people spend hours trying on wedding dresses, you can only imagine how much time it would take in trying on every form of biking gear. This is an investment in your safety, so don’t cheap out, get the best to remain safe and comfortable during rides. You don’t want to be caught by surprise and end up in the hospital, so make sure you get all the essential gear you need and stay safe.