Best 10000 Watt Generators 2021

The higher the watts of your portable generators, the more items it can power at the same time. Hence, when buying a portable generator, it would be good to take a look at the wattage reference chart that lists down the specific running wattage and the additional starting (surge) wattage. However, if you want your generator to power almost all of your items inside your home at the same time, you need a very powerful portable generator like that of the 10000-watt generator. The 10000-watt generator, although very powerful, is still considered as a portable generator, given its wheel kits and handles which facilitates its transportation from one place to another.

As to the question, however, of which 10000-watt generator you must choose, the answer is not as simple as it may seem because there are many brands and models out on the market today from which you can choose. There is, however, a number of models that stand out among others, and those who have already bought and used these brands or models can vouch to the efficiency and effectiveness of these generator models.

The 10000-watt generators come with large engines, and they are quite powerful. For this reason, they can be very pricey. Hence, if you are on a budget, chances are, you will think twice to buy a 10000-watt generator. Moreover, the affordability criteria would never be a good gauge when buying a 10000W generator. The most prominent criteria you should, therefore, look for when choosing a 10000W generator are durability and quality.

Should You Use High-powered 10000-watt Generator?

Electricity has been an integral part of contemporary living. In fact, its abrupt loss or interruption may be costly to industries. It may also be very inconvenient to ordinary households. In many cold areas, a sudden power outage can leave most households almost freezing. In warm regions, however, an unexpected power outage can render many households unlivable. Yet, a power outage may come when you least expect it. Thus, each household should nowadays have a portable standby generator to assuage the impact of a sudden power outage. 

As mentioned above, the 10000W generator can surely power almost all your household items and for this reason, having a 10000W generator in handy is a must for every household. No one surely knows when will the next major power outage be, and no one wants to be caught off-guard during this power outage. 

The 10000W generator can definitely power up your refrigerator, your TV, and any general appliances at the same time in case of power outage. It is also essential for those who regularly engage in the use of high-power equipment and tools. If you are a contractor who makes use of high-power tools, you can definitely count on the 10000W generator for the needed supply of power to run, for example, your air table saws and air compressors.  

The 10000W generator, just like any other portable generator, is easily transportable. Hence, you can easily tag it along during your camping trips for the needed power supply of your RV. Moreover, it is the most important source of power during outdoor vacations for it can power any electrical item to make your vacation comfortable.

Reasons abound as to why you must have one of these 10000W generators. But the question as to whether these generators are really costly always come to the fore if you are on a budget. We think the term “costly” is a half-truth in this case for there are indeed 10000W generators that are reasonably priced. Moreover, based on our analysis of the price list of most 10000W generators, we’ve found that some brands and models are not only of high quality but also of reasonable prices.

Factors to Consider When Buying a 10000W Generator

Here are the following elements that are very important if you want to shortlist and identify the most suitable 1000W generator that will generate sufficient power to run most of your electronic appliances and devices.

1) Power Usage

The main characteristic of all generators under the category 10000W is that they are all rated for peak power of around 10000 Watts. They are generally capable of constant power output around 75 up to 90 percent of the given rated peak watts. This translate to constant load between 7500 watts to 9000 watts. Some generator models have peak power outputs of 10000W for one or two seconds. These peak power outputs allow for powering high-current startup equipment such as those of HVAC, refrigerators, power tools, and sump pumps. Some, however, are capable of a bit lower power output, yet they still belong to the 10000W generator category.

2) Applications and Use of Generator

Generators come in handy during the power outage, especially, after a natural calamity or disaster. Hence, if ever you are going to use such a generator during power outage, you need to determine the generator’s applications carefully. These applications include those essential pieces of equipment that you need to power with your generator during a power outage. Hence, it is necessary that you figure out these essential tools and equipment beforehand and find another source of power for those appliances that could be powered by other power sources. If you live, for example, in places with very cold winter, you would surely need to use your central heating system constantly, and for this reason, this system is very much essential.

Moreover, it is necessary to know the power consumption of each of your appliances and equipment and know which equipment and tools are essential. The essentials of your home that need to be powered include light bulbs, deep freezer, sump pump, well pump, and electric water heater. Here is the list of the essentials and their corresponding running watts and starting watts:

  • Light bulb (60 watts) – 60 running watts
  • Light bulb (75 watts) – 75 watts
  • Deep freezer500 watts; 1500 starting watts
  • Sump pump 1/3 HP – 800 running watts; 1300 starting watts
  • Well pump 1/2 HP – 1000 running watts; 2100 starting watts
  • Electric Water Heater4000 running watts
  • Central AC (10000 BTU) – 1500 running watts; 4500 starting watts

It is obvious that you would not be using all these pieces of equipment at the same time. Although the essentials may require peak wattage that is relatively higher than the capability of the 10000W generator, it is unlikely that you are going to start all the essential tools and equipment at the same time. Hence, you will surely have no problem in using your high-current startup appliances. However, it all boils down to how you stagger the use of your appliances and tools. You need to practice discretion when using some of your high-current startup appliances, and you need to refrain from using too many appliances and equipment at the same time.

3) Budgetary Constraint

Many experts consider the 10000W generators as your best options for your home usage. The reason for this is that these generators can easily power most of your appliances as compared to less powerful generators. However, the choice of buying a 10000W generator is fraught with a significant dilemma—a dilemma that requires you to choose between durability plus power over price. This dilemma becomes paramount once you are on a tight budget. But if budget is not an issue, you should wisely choose the 10000W generator over other generators. 

Buying quality 10000W generators will be about getting the value for your money. The best brands of 10000W generators will inevitably be classified as the best generators you could ever buy. Each of them has strong points to offer. Hence, if budget is not an issue, always go for the best 10000W generators.

4) Your Needs

When it comes to buying a 10000W generator, you basically need to go for the best brands. Each of these brands presents features that you need to consider based on your needs carefully. The 10000W generators are known to provide many years of efficient service without requiring much maintenance. So, you need to carefully consider the features that each of the brands offers before you decide on which one would best meet your needs.

How to Connect Generator To Your Home?

If you are not cognizant of the process on how to connect your 10000W generator to your home grid, you must instead rely on the service of experts. You should hire the service of a certified electrician to do the connecting of your newly-bought generator to your home. You would basically need a safety transfer switch. This would allow you to readily and safely switch between utility power and generator. This would also prevent the onset of accident and harm to any person in your home. 

There is a number of transfer switch kits on the market today. You need to choose a good brand for the safe operation of your portable generator. If you are knowledgeable in setting up electrical wirings, you can do the setting up of your generator on your own; but make sure that you do it compliant to with the local regulations.

One feature of most transfer switch kits is that of the large 50A plug that allows you to set up your generator easily. With this feature, you can also easily disconnect your generator so that you can store it somewhere else.

Major Downsides You Should Take Into Consideration Too!

One downside of using a 10000W generator is that You would sometimes need to forgo some circuits within your home. This implies that you need to figure out which circuit is essential for the moment and which is not. You also need to ensure that you don’t overdo the use of your generator, nor do you overload it. Once you overload the circuit, for example, your circuit breaker will eventually trip, hampering you from using your generator at times you badly need it most. 

You can avoid this inadvertent tripping of your circuit breaker by meticulously calculating your expected consumption to ensure that no overload will ever occur. A good calculation does not require to be exact to the smallest decimal. The calculation of your expected consumption should be reliable and correct to protect your circuitry and generator from breaking down. You should also check those appliances that automatically start and those HVAC that make use of thermostat for control. At least, you should ensure that the items you use are within the capacity of your generator to power.

Best 10000W Generators In The Market Today:

Most household owners prefer buying 10,000W generators because these generators are heavy-duty. They are also very reliable. Thus, if you plan to buy a new generator, you can check out our list of the most highly-recommended 10,000W portable generators on the market today: 

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1) DuroMax XP10000E, 8000 Running Watts/10000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator

A 420cc, 18HP air-cooled engine power DuroMax XP10000E. With this engine, it can easily power high-capacity appliances. It immediately kicks to life when you turn it on using its electric start. It also has a recoil starter that makes it easy for you to start it once its battery is not working well. Another useful feature of this model is its noise-controlling muffler. This feature enables it to be less noisy when operating. This low rumble measures at around 72 dBA. Hence, this generator, when operating, will surely not likely disturb your neighbor. It also comes with a spark arrestor. This feature allows you to use it outdoors without worrying about bogging down or overheating.

The use of DuroMax has shown itself to be cost-effective. This is because it has an autothrottle (idle control) feature. This idle control—when activated—readily reduces its RPM. It also makes the unit quietly run at 45 dBA. 

The DuraMax has other sterling features that are geared for efficiency and user-friendliness. These features include its RV switch, control panel, circuit breakers, voltmeter, and 120V and 240V receptacles. It also has an oil-warning light and a shut-off feature. It is also very safe to use being EPA, and CARB approved.

2) Durostar DS10000E, 8000 Running Watts/10000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator

The Durostar DS10000E is a dependable 16 HP generator that is powered by air-cooled Durostar OHV engine. This unit is indeed very portable. It can operate high-capacity air-conditioners, air compressors, and other necessary home appliances. It also has lamp and shut-off features. Its rated wattage is 8,000W, while its surge capacity is at 10,000 Watts. 

It features a heavy-duty frame with its 4-point fully-isolated motor mounts. It also includes other salient features like its oil warning light, volt meter, power outlets, and circuit breaker. 

The good thing about the DuroStar DS10,000E is that it runs quietly. It is equipped with a quiet exhaust that comes with a spark arrestor. Its maximum runtime is ten hours. Moreover, its design is excellent, and it is known to last longer. This generator is undoubtedly a good choice if you are looking for a 10000W generator.

3) Pulsar 10,000W Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Pulsar 10,000W Dual Fuel Portable generator is a very reliable standby generator. It is powered by a 4-stroke, OHV, air-cooled engine that comes with a durable powder-coated steel frame. Its fuel tank has a capacity of 6.6 gallons and can provide you with 12-hours of maximum operation at half-load if you are running it on gasoline.

The Pulsar also features a “Switch-and-Go” technology that allows it to transition from gasoline to LPG fuel sources seamlessly. This transition can happen even when the unit is in operation. Another remarkable feature of Pulsar 10000W Dual Fuel is its electric-push start feature. This feature allows for a quick and easy start.  

It also features four 120V AC outlets, one 50Amp RV Port, one 120/240V twist lock outlet, and one 12V DC trickle charge output that enable you to power many of your appliances, devices, and tools. It also has fold-down handles with 10″ Never-Flat Wheels for easy storage and added mobility. It also features a three-in-one digital meter. Moreover, it has a low oil indicator, and low shutdown. It also comes with a handy propane hose and is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

4) All Power America APGG10000, 10000W Watt Generator

The All Power America APGG10000 is a reliable 10000W generator that is EPA certified. Hence, it is safe to use at home. It is powered by a 15 HP, 420cc, OHV air-cooled engine. It has a powerful output of 10000W peak power and 8000W rated power. It also has a running time of 11 hours at 1/2 load. Moreover, it comes with an electric start button and recoil start. It has a fuel capacity of 8 gallons, while it operates at 76 dB from around 23 feet away. This makes it a neighbor-friendly generator. 

The APGG10000 is user-friendly and comes with 4 AC Duplex 120V outlets, one 120V twist-lock outlet, one 120/240V twist-lock outlet, and one 12V DC. This unit also comes with hour meter and wheel kit for greater convenience. 

5) Duromax XP12000EH Dual Fuel

The DuroMax XP12000EH is definitely a versatile and reliable dual-fuel generator. If a higher-surge capacity generator is okay with you, then this one is surely a good fit for your needs. As a dual-fuel generator, it provides you with a choice of using either a gasoline fuel or liquid propane. This heavy-duty generator comes with a sturdy frame with four Point-fully isolated motor mounts for smooth and quiet operation. It also features a full power panel that comes with oil warning light, volt meter, power outlets, and circuit breaker. Its runtime on gasoline at its 50% maximum output is 10 hours. At 50% maximum output, its runtime on propane is 20 hours.

Furthermore, It also features a low oil shut-off that protects its engine. With its quiet muffler that comes with a spark arrestor, the DuroMax XP12000EH is surely safe to use. It also comes with collapsible handles and rugged wheels that make this generator very portable.


The 10000W generator is undoubtedly a reliable, hardworking, and efficient generator. It is designed to handle a greater number of your appliances and all your essential appliances. As a caveat, you should know the limitations of your generator so that you can maximize its use when you badly need it most.

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