How Many Spark Plugs in a V6 Engine?

V6 engine

Of course, the number of sparkplugs in a V6 engine will usually depend on the model of the car’s engine. Mercedes Benz, for example, manufactures vehicles with two spark plugs per cylinder. As such, if you buy any of these vehicles, you will get an engine with twelve sparkplugs. Moreover, Mercedes Benz also supplies engines …

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3057 vs. 3157 Bulb

Comparisons between 3057 bulb and 3157 bulb.

There are many distinct tasks performed by the vehicle lighting system, which necessitates the use of different light bulbs. When selecting a bulb for a particular use, such as a brake light, consider factors such as brightness. Many people are baffled by the interchangeability of the 3057 and 3157 light bulbs, which are often used …

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Car Shuts Off While Idling (Common Causes & Fixes)

Car broke down when idling.

Like any other mechanical structure, cars are prone to malfunctions due to problems with one or more of their parts. Among the more specific issues is when the vehicle dies while idling and then restarts afterward. There may be various factors contributing to the engine’s inability to sustain power at low speeds. In some instances, …

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How to Fix Hard Shifting Automatic Transmission

Driver find it's difficult to shift its automatic gear.

Automatic transmissions are intended to make driving a whole lot more convenient. Automatic transmissions, on the other hand, maybe very inconvenient when they aren’t functioning properly. It is undoubtedly problematic when your transmission slips, but it may lead to additional problems down the road if you ignore the problem. Experts say that replacing the transmission …

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White Smoke On Startup Then Disappears

Car generate white smoke when starting engine.

If you see any sort of smoke coming from your exhaust on startup, whether it’s white smoke, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your car and it needs your attention. No matter how you detect the white smoke, you must act quickly to stop it from becoming worse. Make an appointment with your …

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Who Makes Carquest Oil?

Change new engine oil with Carquest 15-40 engine oil.

If you’re looking for high-quality motor oil with optimum viscosity and outstanding stability, look no further. Carquest oil is one of the best choices available in the marketplace for long-term engine protection. Carquest oil lubricating mechanical components and parts of vehicles engines. Even though it is the most popular motor oil brand presently commercially available, …

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