15 Best Mechanic Tool Brands

June 29, 2021

Many mechanics specialize in a specific field, but whether you are a professional mechanic who specializes in a particular mechanical field or someone who is a beginner mechanic, you would readily realize that you can never become a reliable mechanic without your own mechanic tool set. You would also readily recognize the fact that a mechanic is pretty much useless without his tools. In fact, mechanics and their tool sets should be inseparable! 

If you intend, therefore, to become a professional mechanic, you should, at least, invest in good mechanic tools sets. You should bear in mind that professionals mechanics usually spend much money to complete their tools sets. 

What Are The Top Quality Mechanic Tool Brands?

There are many mechanic tool brands and models out there. This makes it difficult for aspiring mechanics to choose the best tools to include in their tool sets. Moreover, tools come from different countries. Some countries, for example, are known for producing top-quality mechanic tools. USA and Japan, for instance, are known for quality mechanic tools. Hence, it would be good to select tool brands from these countries that are known for manufacturing quality mechanic tools.

The well-established brands often need to protect their brand names. They maintain high standards when it comes to the design and made of their mechanic tools. Hence, many consumers often rely on branding when selecting the tools that they buy. Here are some of the established brands on the market today when it comes to mechanic tools:

1) Snap-on

Snap-on brand has already become a byword when it comes to mechanic tools. This brand always belongs to the top choices of consumers and mechanics. It offers different types of tools that a mechanic needs. Moreover, its range of products includes quality screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and sockets. It also provides a holistic set of an apprentice tool set.

The arsenal of tools, however, offered by Snap-on are expensive. Yet, you can be very sure that the tools that you are buying from them are really of exceptional quality. Lastly, the tools this brand produces are really worth buying.

2) Kobalt

Kobalt is one of the newly introduced brands on the market today is Kobalt. Lowe’s stores owned and incorporated the products of this brand in 1998, and it has an inclusive dealership of Kobalt’s products. The brand has quickly become popular and starting in 2011; the company introduced battery-powered tools that are widely accepted by the public. This company is really making waves when it comes to tools that are powered by Lithium-ion batteries.

3) OTC

OTC is an acronym for Owatonna Tool Company. In 2012, it became a part of the company—Bosch. At present, it offers a range of diagnostic equipment, scan tools, auto accessories, code readers, and mechanic tools.

OTC is initially got famous with their patented “Grip-O-Matic” universal gear puller. After that, they had further ventured into other automotive specialty tools and equipment.

4) SuperKrome (SK)

The tool offerings of SK include mid-range automotive tools and other high-quality mechanic tools. It offers hand tool set that includes around 272 pieces. This tool set is very popular among mechanics and DIYers. It also offers different sets of smaller tools like socket sets. 

SuperKrome produces premium quality and precision-crafted tools that are made in the USA using American steel. This company was founded in the early years of the 1900s. Today, it manufactures around 3,000 products and is still committed to manufacturing high-quality tools and products.

5) Craftsman

The mechanic tools produced by Craftsman are known for their excellent performance and quality. Hence, many believe that the quality of Craftsman’s tools seems to be unbeatable. This company offers a lifetime warranty for their tools.

Moreover, its products are highly affordable. Craftsman’s tools are said to be manufactured in the United States, although there are rumors that Craftsman is manufacturing some of its tools outside of that country.

6) Proto

Proto is one of the divisions of the Stanley Black & Decker. It manufactures mechanic tools sets for automotive. It also manufactures beginner’s tools set that are affordable. The tool sets offered by Proto usually range from $200 to several thousand dollars. Many of the tools manufactured by Proto are done in the United States. 

Proto has slowly built a good name for itself in this industry. It has a long history of existence as a separate company dating back to 1907. In 1984, the company was acquired by Stanley and was named Stanley Proto Industrial Tools.

7) Williams

Williams is another brand that belongs to the top-rated brand when it comes to manufacturing mechanic tools set. Williams is historically a division of the Snap-on. It was founded by James Harvey along with Matthew Diamond in 1882. It was acquired by the company, Snap-on, in 1993. 

Rumors circulated that the tools produced by Williams are just relabeled Tools of Snap-on, but with lesser prices. Yet, some insiders pointed out there are subtle differences between the products produced by Snap-on and Williams.

8) Makita

Makita is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to mechanic tools is that of Makita. Its products are known for their efficiency and durability. Makita offers different types of tools such as impact driver, rotary hammer set, and many other combo-type tools set. It offers tool kits that usually consist of 15 pieces. 

Makita is a Japanese brand that is known for its manufacturing power tools. It was founded in the year 1915 by Mosaburo Makita in Nagoya. It was the one that pioneered the first battery-powered drill and other battery-powered tools. It has also sold different types of tools like cordless tools, power tools, petrol equipment, and cordless tool batteries.

9) Stanley

Stanley is another hand tool brand that is well-known for quality and durability is. Stanley is a division the famous company, Stanley Black & Decker after the two companies—Stanley Works and Black & Decker—merged in March of 2010.

Stanley, of course, is known among professional mechanics as a quality brand. Stanley offers great quality tools that also come with a lifetime warranty. This makes the tools manufactured by Stanley a good buy.

Stanley is known for products like saws, hand planes, rulers, chisels, squares, screwdrivers, and many more. It has also been known for innovative products like the Surform Shaper, Bailey plane, PowerLock Tape measure, and utility knife.

10) Mac Tools

The hand tools under Mac Tools brand name are known for their high performance. Mac is an American company that manufactures professional mechanic equipment and tools. The previous name of MAC Tools is Mechanics Tool and Forge Company. The company then changed its name in 1961 to Mac Tools. 

Various Black & Decker facilities around the world produce the products and tools of Mac Tools. Moreover, its number one distribution center is in Hillard, Ohio. It also has around 1,500 distributors in North America. It also has its headquarter in Westerville, Ohio. Its lines of products include almost 8,000 professional tools that include screwdrivers, wrenches, ratchets, and other devices. 

Stanley Works bought Mac Tools in the 1980s, and now, Mac Tools forms one of the sub-brands of Stanley Works that include other brands like Proto, Blackhawk, Facom, and Stanley Tools. Blackhawk is a Proto Tools’ subsidiary. In the UK, Mac Tools altered its presence from being only a distributor into a franchise system.

11) Wright Tool

Another well-respected company when it comes to the production of mechanic tools is the Wright Tool. This company produces myriads of hand tools, including screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers. The Wright tool & Forge Company started in 1927. It was founded in Barberton, Ohio, and operated at the onset as a maker of hand-forged tools for automotive service. 

C. Nelson Wright founded it. Moreover, the Wright Family’s later generations manage the present Wright Tool. You may view this company as a small company. Nevertheless, it also produces tools and markets them internationally. 

The tools manufactured by this company are also utilized in different industries, including those industries engaged in power generation, distribution, and transmission. They are also used in mining and refinery. Its tools are also utilized by homeowners, mechanics, and even plumbers. This company also supplies special tools. 

The Wright Tool produces hammers, mirrors, punches, bars, chisels, sockets, hex keys, ratchets, knives, scrappers, wrenches, scissors, nut drivers, and pliers. These tools have a lifetime warranty.

12) Blackhawk

Blackhawk is another American hand tool brand that is known for its good reputation. Founded in 1919 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this company is a sub-brand of Stanley Black & Decker. This brand rolls out mechanic tools. It also developed several innovations like locking sockets’ lock-on system, telescoping ratchet handles, and gearless ratchets. 

Most of these innovations were credited to Edward Pfauser, an engineer, and Sigmund Mandi, who founded another company—the Husky Wrench Company

Blackhawk is dedicated to producing quality tools to facilitate the works of mechanics. Moreover, its tools were all made in America. With almost a century of supplying quality products, Blackhawk is committed to protecting its heritage by rolling out quality products. Thus, mechanics can rely on the tools produced by this company. 

The line of products of Blackhawk includes thousands of tools ranging from wrenches, master sets, and automotive tools. All these tools are cold-forged using high-quality steel. A lifetime warranty also comes with all the tools of this company.

13) Husky

Husky is also one of the well-known American-made mechanical tool brands. It is known for producing quality mechanic tools, and for this reason, it can demand high prices for its tools. It makes hand tools and pneumatic tools. It also makes tool storage products. Moreover, it is known as the choice house brand of the famous chain Home Depot. There, the products of Husky are exclusively sold. 

The hand tools of Husky were previously manufactured only in the United States. However, at present, most of their hand tools come from Taiwan and China. Husky tools offer a lifetime warranty on all their products.

In 1932, the brand name Husky was bought by the New Britain Machine Company. In the 1970s, however, Litton Industries bought the New Britain Machine Company. Litton Industries, however, in the 1980s, dissolved its hand tools division and sold the Husky brand to National Hand Tool. Then in 1986, National Hand Tool was bought by Stanley Works, and in 1992, Stanley Works started the sole distribution of Husky products to The Home Depot.

14) Irwin

You might not have heard of the Irwin Industrial Tools, but in the 20th century, Irwin was known for its quality products. These products include the vise-grip, an iconic product which the company first offered. This iconic tool was the foremost locking pliers. At the onset, Irwin had manufactured all its tools in the United States. 

Nevertheless, the brand transferred its production to China to stay competitive against its competitors. However, the popularity of the brand continues to plunge. Nevertheless, the quality of their products doesn’t manifest any decline.

In 2008, the company announced that it would close its DeWitt plant in Nebraska and transfer its production in China. In Wilmington, Ohio, it also closed its customer service, moving it to Huntersville, North Carolina. The company got acquired by Stanley Black & Decker, and this acquisition got actualized in 2016.

15) Milwaukee

Another American company that is known for its electric tools is Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. It manufactures cordless and corded power tools, cutters, hand saws, pliers, hand tools, trims, screwdrivers, knives, and combo kit tools. 

Milwaukee was known for introducing the one-handed capacity drill called Hole-Shooter (1/4″) in 1918. This tool was known for being lightweight compared to its competitor models. 

In the 1930s, the Federal Government provided Milwaukee an equipment specification rating. Milwaukee then began manufacturing equipment according to the U.S. Government’s established standards. Eventually, Milwaukee developed its electric hammers, sanders, polishers, and other equipment. Milwaukee has a long history of innovations, and for this reason, its name is synonymous with innovations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best tool brand?

If you were to ask experts about which tool brand is the best, many would readily say that Snap-On is the best brand. Given its consistency in maintaining its high standard of manufacturing, it will surely lead the market. In addition, it produces the best power tools and air guns in the market today. 

Snap-On has other brands under its brand name. These brands, of course, make different quality tools. The Snap-On tools, of course, remain the main Snap-On Company line. Since the quality of Snap-On products is high, it is but reasonable for Snap-On to demand a high price for their products. Nevertheless, you get a lifetime warranty for its products.

Which Tool Brands Do Mechanics Prefer?

The mechanic’s job is effortful and requires manual dexterity and strength. Hence, mechanics want tools that can facilitate their works and make them efficient. Mechanic tools, however, differ depending on the tasks at hand. In the past, mechanics only need very few tools. But now, they need more specialized tools. 

These specialized tools include scissors, pliers, pneumatic wrenches, hand wrenches, measuring tools, girders, lathes, and screwdrivers. When it comes to working on an automobile, they need other equipment specifically designed for fixing cars. Mechanics may also need welding equipment, electronic diagnostic, and lifts and hoists equipment.

Should I Stick to Only One Tool Brand?

Honestly, I would not recommend sticking to only one tool brand to complete your arsenal of hand tools. In olden times, some brands were worth investing in, like brands like Snap-On and Craftsman. The quality of their products back then was undoubtedly excellent. But things have changed now. Moreover, your options have widened when it comes to hand tools. 

There are new brands that thrive on producing quality products in certain aspects of mechanics. So, you will miss the chance to utilize their innovations in such an aspect if you would blindly stick to a particular brand. Instead, an assortment of brands may be a better option in completing your hand tool kits. 

Nevertheless, if you got a penchant for blindly sticking to a brand because you once bought a tool from that brand that satisfied or wowed you, then go for it. But my point is, some brands may be producing specialized tools for some aspect of your job that you might be missing because of your blind allegiance to a particular brand. 

So, it is better to explore and compare the products of different brands. Do your assignment in researching about specific brands and figure out where each brand excels.

Which Brand Delivers the Best Ratcheting Wrench?

When it comes to the most recommended ratcheting wrench, there is no doubt the ratcheting wrench of GearWrench is your best budgeted option out there. And other premium ratcheting wrench brands such as OTC, Wright Tool and SuperKrome (SK) are famous for their special wrenches and hand tools for deep and tight spaces.

Its ratcheting wrench combines functionality and affordability in a single product. You can also choose from their different ratcheting wrenches. 

Nevertheless, you should select its ratcheting wrench set that consists of twenty pieces. This set includes ten metric wrenches and ten SAE wrenches.

Moreover, this set is perfect for use by professional as well as amateur auto mechanics. GearWrench wrenches are popular for their unequaled strength. These wrenches also reach the hard-to-reach areas with ease.

Which Brand Excels in Producing the Most Recommended Wrench?

When it comes to producing the best wrenches, you got several brand options known for their excellent wrenches. Of course, the GearWrench is foremost among these brands in terms of price and quality. You will find that some of their wrenches were manufactured in Taiwan. But some are also produced in the U.S

Examples of those wrenches made in the U.S. are the micrometer torque wrenches. The Snap-On and the Blue Point are other brands that produce excellent wrenches, though their products are more pricey than those of the GearWrench.

Final Word:

You surely don’t want to buy substandard tool sets and regret afterward, especially, if you are raring to become a professional mechanic. If you intend to become a professional mechanic, you should invest in quality tools that would not let you down. It is also good to invest in tools that come with a good warranty. 

Always remember that your level of professionalism as a mechanic is partly determined by the types of tools sets that you have. Hence, if you want to become a respectable professional mechanic, you should not hesitate to invest your hard-earned money on quality mechanic tools sets.