How To Maintain Your Car To Last Many Years

Keep car to last longer.

I was listening to a podcast the other day, and they were discussing ways to keep one’s car in top-notch conditions over the years. Upon hearing their discussion, I remembered Irv Gordon, who at the age of 25 in 1966 purchased a red Volvo P1800S. This Volvo P1800S racked around 3.2 million miles and had …

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Best Shocks for Towing Dodge

Ram Dodge towing a camper.

A friend asks me the other day about the best shock for towing Dodge. So, I’ve researched and considered my long years of experience in tuning Dodge trucks to come up with this article. Selecting a new set of shocks will improve your truck’s smoothness on the road and your truck’s handling, helping you get …

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Different Types of Brake Fade

Mechanic is repairing the brake fade issues.

Brake fade is the brake system’s partial or total inability to stop the vehicle due to the brake pads’ overheating. In such a case, you have already tried to push on the pedal. Yet, the pedal remained high and firm while the vehicle continued to move. Brake fade can be an issue in vehicles that …

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How To Fix Brake Fade

Car mechanic repair brake fade.

Statistics show that only around 5% of car accidents and crashes in the US annually are due to brake failures. So, should brake fade and failure concern you if only 5% of car crashes are due to brake fade and loss? Well, I think it should, for even if brakes are more often reliable and …

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Best Underglow Kit for Trucks

Different models of truck with underbody RGB lights.

An underbody under glow kit is a popularly termed as a ground effects lighting. It is visual customization lighting for your Truck. This series of lights attached to your Truck’s chassis lights up the ground just beneath your vehicle. Simply stating, this kit is aftermarket customization. Recommended Underflow Kits for Trucks 1) OPT7 Aura 4pc …

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Best Undercoatings For Truck

Car and truck undercoating.

Undercoating is a “rust protectant” that helps decreases road noise. It is squirted on the chassis. It is highly recommended to undercoat every time you buy a new car. It covers the entire car surface to get rid of road grime easily. Undercoating, specifically, is exceptionally costly. You don’t just have to pay a fortune …

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