How To Test AC Compressor Clutch Coil

Checking AC Compressor Clutch Coil

A friend of mine asked me the other day about the A/C compressor, and I promptly said that the A/C compressor is simply a pump, and sans a good compressor, the unit will never work. I further told him that the compressor clutch engages the compressor. This compressor clutch consists of a powerful electromagnet as …

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What Is Considered High Mileage For A Diesel?

Ram truck driving long-distance trip.

When it comes to engine comparison, it will be safe to say that diesel engines are more durable than gas engines and get higher mileage than gas engines. Diesel engines are characterized by significant longevity compared to gas engines. Moreover, diesel engine architecture is stouter compared to the gas engine, and its applications require a …

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What Is Average Mileage For A Car?

Mileage meter on car.

You might have been using your car for a long time, and now you are asking about how many miles your car would last. Well, you are not alone, for many car users out there are also asking the same question. However, the answer to how long your car would last depends more on several …

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How Often To Change Motorcycle Oil?

Scheduling the motorcycle oil changing session.

There are succinct reasons why every motorcycle driver should change oil and know when to change the oil. These reasons include oil breakdown and oil contamination. On the one hand, the heat generated during the combustion process causes the breakdown of oil over time. On the other hand, oil contamination happens when debris enters the …

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What Does CC Mean in Motorcycle?

Higher CC in Motorcycle.

CC refers to the terms, Cylinder Capacity or the Cubic Centimetres capacity of the combustion cylinder in motorcycles. The combustion cylinder is an essential component of the engine, which supplies power to the driver. If a motorcycle has a higher cubic centimeter capacity, it will have a larger cylinder capable of digesting more air and fuel. This natural mechanism …

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