Car Axle Repair Costs

September 30, 2020

Axle Drive Shaft.

Automobile repairs sometimes cannot be avoided most, especially if it involves the car’s axle shaft, also known as CV axle. This is what connects the wheels to the transmission and the reason why the wheels are rotating. As an automobile mechanic, I would suggest you drive your car to the nearest automobile workshop if you encounter problems with the axle shaft. 

Some axle repairs can easily cost around $150 to $1000 or probably more depending on what kind of car you own and how long it would take the mechanic to repair it. The price of the car parts that needed replacement would depend on what the manufacturer used. Not all automobiles are created equal, so that the prices will vary. Labor costs are typically from $100 to $200, but some specialty cars need car experts, and it can be a factor in the total bill.

The axles of the car are one of the most basic and essential parts, just like with the wheels and the engine. While most cars differ on the quality of the parts and additional accessories, but when stripped down to its basic framework, the axles will be there whatever the brand may be. Expect the replacement cost to be around a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $950.

They are as important as the wheels or the engine because the car will not run properly if they are bent, cracked, or broken. Axles or shafts provide power to the wheels, and if one of them is defective, the wheels will not move correctly. Technically, the car can still be driven but do not expect the vehicle to get far, and it might even cause vehicular accidents on the road.

Car Fron & Rear Axle Repair Costs

Like in any car repairs, the axle repair cost would depend on the severity of the problem, the make of the car, labor costs, and the repair duration. The total cost will vary, and it is difficult to pinpoint the exact amount, but here are the average costs of the front and rear axle repair before taxes/fees: 

Front Axle Repair Cost:

Between the two axles, the cost of the repair for the front axles is often the cheapest. It can be from $500 – $600, with labor cost running from $70 to $140.

Rear Axle Repair Cost:

The average total cost for repairing the rear axle is from $450 to $900, with labor cost running from $100 to $200.

Things That Affect the Axle Repair Costs

Cars are no different when it comes to things that can affect the cost of repairs. The geographical location plays a major part in the price range. For instance, repair jobs done in downtown Los Angeles are quite different from those auto shops in Anchorage, Alaska. However, it is interesting to note that even gathering quotes from different auto shops in the same city may differ. 

The availability of automotive supplies is a huge factor, as well. The type of vehicle will determine how high or low the total bill would be. If you are driving a universal vehicle such as a Toyota or a Honda, expect the axle price range to be quite a bit lower, and the parts are usually on the shelves. However, if it’s a vintage car or a luxury car, the cost would be at the higher end of the spectrum, and the parts may not be easily accessible.

The general rule of thumb is to go to a trusted and reputable mechanic. It would be best if you know them personally as there is a good chance that you will receive a much reasonable price and the best service.

What Happens During the Axle Repair?

The mechanic would assess the extent of the damage to see which part needs to be repaired or replaced. Since the axles are connected to different parts of the car, they would need to see if the damage is solely the axle’s fault or anything else that may have been causing the problem.

The car will be jacked up to remove the damaged parts, and you will be given the option if you want them repaired, assuming they can still be repaired, or replace them with brand new ones. Auto shops offer different services, and some may include wheel alignment automatically in their repair assessment, while others would add them later to the total bill. To avoid these scenarios, it is important to ask early on if there are additional costs aside from the repair/replacement fees. The car would undergo road testing after the repair or replacement to see if it is good to go.

Repair or Replace a Bad Axle?

It is one of the most common questions that car owners asked when they encounter a problem with the car axles. The best option would be to have them replaced. While bent axles can be straightened out, it does not offer 100% sturdiness any longer. Your car now has a vulnerability that even with minimal use, it can break down again. Replacing them would not only save you money in the long run but assures you that your car will be working with strong brand new axles.

DIY Axle Repair/Replacement to Save Money

Repairing or replacing the car axle is an easy job for some but only choose this option if you have the proper skills. It would definitely help you save money but make sure you totally know what you are doing because this is something that you cannot just wing and hope you did it right. You might end up with a botched repair job, and instead of saving money, you would spend twice as much when you ask for help. If you have the money to spare, it is highly recommended to leave it to the professionals. Just spend some time asking for quotes from different technicians and choose the most affordable among them.