3057 vs. 3157 Bulb

April 3, 2022

Comparisons between 3057 bulb and 3157 bulb.

There are many distinct tasks performed by the vehicle lighting system, which necessitates the use of different light bulbs. When selecting a bulb for a particular use, such as a brake light, consider factors such as brightness. Many people are baffled by the interchangeability of the 3057 and 3157 light bulbs, which are often used in the automotive industry. As part of our effort to better comprehend their distinctions, we have brought you the 3057 vs. 3157 assertions to help you get a better knowledge of both.

The 3057 and 3157 light bulbs are the most frequent types found in cars and other transportation-related gear. Understanding how they vary and which ones may need to be replaced, on the other hand, may be challenging to comprehend. What exactly is the difference between 3057 and 3157 light bulbs?

It is the dim filaments, not the bright ones, that distinguish the 3057 and 3157 bulbs. The filaments of both bulbs have a brightness of 32 candle powers. The dim filament of the 3157, on the other hand, is much greater at 3cp than the other bulbs. At the same time, the other bulbs have a 2cp dim filament, which is all that the 3057 bulb has to provide. An additional distinction is that the 3157 bulb is a little brighter than the 3057 bulbs whenever your vehicle’s parking lights are on.

What Is The 3057 Bulb Used For?

The 3057 bulb works as a backup bulb and a braking bulb, parking bulb, and turn signal bulb when it comes to vehicle lights. Compared to the frontal region for headlights and fog lights, this light has a lower intensity but is not entirely dim. It makes it ideal for the vehicle’s back end. A long lifespan of 1200–5000 hours is combined with a high intensity to make this bulb ideal for use on downtown streets.

While it is widely used in cars, 3057 may also be found in maritime technology, aviation, and railway equipment. To get the most refined illumination, you will want to look for the best 3057 bulbs on the market, which are available for purchase.

What Is The 3157 Bulb Used For?

When it comes to functionality, the 3157 bulb is quite similar to the 3057, which may be used for the brake light, taillights, parking lights, and turn signal lights, among other things. The primary distinction is that 3157 may be used as both a running light and a daytime running light, depending on your needs. With a lifespan ranging from 2000 to 10000 hours, this bulb outshines the competition in terms of brightness and cost. If you are looking for the finest 3157 light bulb, you can be confident that you will get excellent usages and will be in full compliance with local traffic regulations.

Major Differences Between 3057 & 3157


When purchasing a light bulb, it is crucial to consider the bulb’s brightness, which should offer adequate lighting to guarantee the safety of all drivers on the road. When it comes to brightness, the 3157 bulb outperforms the 3057 by a factor of three, with a candle power rating of 32/3 against the 3057’s 32/2. Aside from that, the 3157 generates greater light with the same amount of current that the 3057 does. Most often, it is utilized in daytime running lights because of its high level of brightness. With a life span of 1200–5000 hours, the 3057 light bulb has a fairly long lifespan but can’t beat the other one.

Another topic to look at is the technology behind the lights. The 3157 has a longer lifespan, lasting around 2000 and 10000 hours, making it very long-lasting. In cities, these bulbs work particularly well as brake or taillight bulbs. Each of the two kinds of bulbs is available in both halogen and incandescent forms. In terms of efficiency, the halogen type is the most effective since it uses less energy while producing more light and has a long shelf life. It is also worth noting that the 3157 uses more current than the 3057, using 26.9/8.3 watts against 26.88/6.72 watts for the latter.

Energy Consumption

Compared to the 3057 bulbs, the 3157 bulb consumes more energy in watts. In other words, given the same voltage, 3157 pulls greater energy. When comparing 3057 and 3157 lightbulbs, the 3157 produces brighter light since it draws more current than the other one.


The price of two 3157 bulbs varies from $4 to $6, and I guess it depends on the manufacturer and quantity purchased. It costs between $5 and $8 to purchase two 3057 bulbs from two well-known manufacturers.


It is possible to use the two bulbs interchangeably since they share a common plastic DF base, as previously mentioned. Both its diameter and length are considered in size. These two lightbulbs are teeny-tiny and have S-8 shape features. There is a noticeable variation in length between the two models, with the 3157 measures 1.25 inches in length and the 3057 is 2.09 inches. They both have a 1-inch diameter, which is comparable. Both of these wedge DF bases may be used in lieu of one another since they match up into their corresponding sockets.


When choosing the correct bulb for your car or truck, read the owner’s handbook. You will have no problems using this DF base as long as you use the same 3057 or 3157 bulbs. When compared to the other vehicles, there are specific differences in their dimensions. Each bulb size has a particular diameter and length. For example, 3057 bulbs having a 2.09-inch length vs. 3157 bulbs’ 1.25-inch dimension. The S-8 function is used in the making of this design. One bulb may easily substitute the other bulb, without a shadow of a doubt!


Halogen technology is often used to enhance the 3057 bulbs. With a crisp beam pattern, this bulb provides more accurate light opportunities than the previous version. They have a plastic wedge DF base, which you can get in this. As an alternative, the 3157 bulbs have an S-8 shape and offer a brighter sporting clarity when utilized instead of the 3057 bulbs. 

Specifications In Detail

To fully comprehend the dispute between the two bulbs, you need first to learn about their individual specifications as a technician. Its variations outweigh their parallels, and they are distinguishable from one another by several factors. Check out the technical specifications of the two lights and see which one is more efficient.

3057 Specifications: The 3057 features a transparent finish on the bulb and is produced by halogen technology. It features a wedge-shaped plastic DF base, which is identical to the 3157’s base in appearance. As you can see, it uses a lot less energy than the other bulb because of its voltage rating of 12.8/14.0 and wattage of 26.88. One of the essential features that separate these two bulbs is their level of brightness. The candle power of the 3057 is 32/2, which is less than the 3157’s.

3157 Specifications: Another similarity between the two bulbs is that both have a transparent bulb finish and an S-8 form, and both have a double filament. A plastic wedge base is also included, which is one of the grounds it may be used instead of the 3057 bulbs in some instances. The difference between the two is that the former is a halogen bulb, and the latter is an incandescent bulb. Even though halogen light bulbs are classified as incandescents, you should know that they have an envelope of inert gases around an active substance (in this case, the halogen is iodine) to provide light.

The Level Of Durability

It has been estimated that the average rated life span in 3157 is greater than that of the other one( 3057). Thus, the 3157 is more long-lasting than the 3057. A lightbulb’s lifespan is highly dependent on the manner in which the driver utilizes it in his cars. Furthermore, research has shown that the life spans of both the 3057 and 3157 bulbs may vary from 1200 to 5000 hours, respectively. As can be seen, a bulb’s lifespan varies widely depending on the vehicle’s state and how it is utilized.

Final Thoughts

Some experts are hotly contested about whether the illumination approach, power consumption, and compatibility of 3057 and 3157 are the same. After all, 3057 against 3157! There will be no more ambiguity in this regard. With a 26.5 watts facility, the 3057 light bulbs provide standard lighting and moderate energy consumption, whereas the 3157 light bulbs use a 27.8 watts technique to provide high illumination plus high electricity usage. The brightness is the primary distinction between the two kinds of bulbs.

For daytime running lights (DRLs), only 3157 light bulbs are better than 3057 ones since they may be used for taillights and brake lights, turn signals, and parking lights. Both 3057 and 3157 light bulbs can now be made to endure between 5,000 and 10,000 hours, thanks to advances in heat dissipation technology.

Hopefully, you could determine whether the two bulbs, 3057 or 3157, are superior. We have gone through everything in detail. Now it is time to make a decision on which light bulb best suits your needs. For numerous reasons, including DRL technology, the 3057 bulbs are out of date compared to the 3157 bulbs, which have been upgraded.