Best Exhaust Tips For Deep Sound

June 7, 2023

Welding and installing new exhaust tip to increase depth of exhaust sound.

Exhaust tips may significantly alter the depth of exhaust sound. While there are several conflicting viewpoints online, it is apparent that exhaust tips are pretty efficient. To be precise, the exhaust tips are more for aesthetic purposes than efficiency enhancement.

If you own a bigger vehicle, you’re just as bothered with the appearance as you are with the inside. Among it is the sound of the exhaust.

The finest exhaust tips for louder sound enhance the appearance of your vehicle while also significantly altering the sounds. Next, I’ll highlight this essential tool, the finest picks, and a few relevant concerns.

Recommended Exhaust Tips for Deep Sound

We have researched the most incredible, most visually appealing exhaust tips to assist you in deciding the best decision to make.

1) G.M. # 22799815 Exhaust Tip

This highly polished stainless steel exhaust tip is an absolute must-have to complement your OEM exhaust system. It is rust-resistant, extending the durability of your exhaust tip. It easily attaches to the existing tailpipe in minutes without requiring any modifications to the exhaust system. All the necessary hardware is included.

The angled tip is embossed with the GMC emblem, giving it a very stunning appearance. Simply pulling it out of the container demonstrates what a well-made and high-quality product it is. It feels substantial and robust, and it looks pretty elegant.


  • OEM, angled, dual-wall
  • Fits 4.8L 5.3L Sierra 1500 Model


  • Compatible with all G.M. factory-installed exhaust systems
  • Setup is quick and straightforward.
  • The whole GMC logo is also quite spectacular.
  • Incredibly durable High polished stainless steel 


  • Buyers may choose a matte black finish rather than chrome.
  • It will have no impact on the quality of the audio output, but it will look great.

2) MBRP T5053 5″ O.D. Dual Wall Angled Exhaust Tip

MBRP constructed this exhaust tip from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The high-shine polish provides a refined appearance that enhances the embossed logo running along each side of the tip.

Its distinguishing feature is its clampless setup. It just glides on and holds; it will not slip or shift. Installation could not be more straightforward since there is no welding required. It has a 4″ inlet, which allows it to accommodate any exhaust up to that size. It fits all pickup variants and requires just three inches of the accessible tailpipe to slip onto. This mirror-finished exhaust tip allows you to showcase your flair properly and will attract several appreciating eyes.


Handles exhaust systems up to 4″ in diameter

Dual-wall, angled inlet and outlet 4″ inlet 5″ outlet 12″ length


Stainless steel protects against corrosion for an extended time.

High-gloss, embossed finish for a sophisticated appearance

Install without clamps or welds.

Well-made, it seems and feels high-quality.


It Will do not affect exhaust sound; just ornamental.

A spray of high-temperature lubricating oil may be required to move it into position.

3) Borla 20248 Exhaust Tip

This exhaust tip is made of highly polished stainless steel and has a mirror-like gloss. It is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting.

Borla’s tips are fashionable and have a straight-through style. Also, the tip stamp with the Borla logo. It has no barriers hinder the airflow. 

This curled edging tip reverberates; many customers like how it softens the exhaust’s violent anger with deeper tone. Your vehicle’s power sounds will remain unchanged.

If you are purchasing this for dual exhaust, you must get two. It is universal size, so you do not have to bother about being left or right-handed. It establishes a consistent fit and a superb aesthetic. It must be weld to your current tailpipe.


Handles all exhaust systems up to 2 1/4″ in Single diameter round, rolled edge cut, resonated 2 1/4″ inlet 4″ outlet 12″ length.


  • Rust-resistant stainless steel structure
  • A sophisticated, mirror-like appearance
  • For dual exhausts, universal left and proper fittings are available.
  • Reduces the intensity of the forceful roar and maintains a high – performing sounds.


  • It must be weld on
  • Only one available; purchase two for dual exhausts.

4) Black Coated Diesel Truck Bolt-on Exhaust Tip

It might be the solution for you if you operate a diesel vehicle and seek a vast exhaust tip. It is a monstrous exhaust tip; it seems and feels unbreakable. It is compatible with all O.D. exhaust systems up to a diameter of 4″. It constructs of stainless steel and powder-coated in a matt black finish. When your vehicle driving at lower RPMs, you will detect no change in sounds.

When they hear that ferocious roar, heads will turn, and people will leap out of the path. It is a massive piece of equipment made to endure and is one of the most incredible ways to alter the sound.


  • Compatible with all 4″ diesel exhaust systems. Roll edge with an angle cut.
  • 15″ long, 4″ inlet, 8″ outlet


  • Rust-resistant stainless-steel structure
  • Tolerant to high temperatures in diesel vehicles
  • At higher RPMs, the tone becomes more aggressive.
  • Powder-coated stainless steel is very durable.
  • Installation is a snap.


  • No mounting hardware include.
  • Original tailpipes may require modification.

5) D.C. Sports EX-1012B Black Muffler Tip

Everything you need is a 10mm wrench or socket and a few spare moments to install this exhaust tip on your vehicle, SUV, or truck. Three bolts secure the clamping device to any existing 1.5″-2″ diameter tailpipe. It may also be welded in place if desired.

Neither only will the matt black powder-coated finish look incredible, but it will also sound fantastic. The tip reverberates to increase the sound. When you reach such high RPMs, your automobile will no longer sound like a pussycat; it will growl like a Tigress! It makes of T304 stainless steel, which makes it rust-resistant.

The exhaust tip is linear with a slant-cut tip shape. It provides for unrestricted airflow. Back-pressure will reduce, but horsepower and torque will increase, producing that richer, improved sound you want. It will not only appear robust, but it also sounds tough.


  • Appropriate for all makes and models of automobiles, trucks, and SUVs equipped with a 1.5″-2″ tailpipe.
  • 9″ length, straight-cut with a slant tip, intake 2 14″ and output 3 34″. Resonated


  • It resonated for a richer, more resonant sound.
  • Stainless steel, powder-coated matte-black, for rust resistance
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Outstanding bang for the buck


  • Alternatively, you may choose a chrome coating.

Buying Guide for Louder and Deeper Sound Exhaust Tip

To meet the requirements for obtaining an amplifying noise tip. These elements must be kept in mind since there are varieties accessible in the market.

Deep Sound

Every enthusiast’s primary objective is to provide a tip with a deep sound. And it is possible to do this by purchasing resonated exhaust tips. These suggestions assist in the eradication of high-pitched frequencies and the corresponding noise waves that flow inside them. When gases pass-through chambers, the tip emits waves that propagate to the surface and then return to the surroundings.

Variations of Exhaust Tips

There are several varieties of aftermarket exhaust tips currently on the market.

Single Wall: Exactly what it sounds like, a single layer of metal, most often stainless steel. Frequently found near the bargain end of the pricing spectrum. It coats with a single layer of metal. However, it is thick enough to persist for years. The single wall tip is the least expensive of the three.

Dual Wall: As the name implies, “Dual” refers to the whole structure coated in two layers of stainless steel. These tips are often rugged and sturdy, as well as being a heavy-duty product. Two layers of stainless steel give a tip a significantly more robust appearance. The eye gets fooled into believing it is solid when it is not. Behind, there is a lot of chrome visible, considerably if it has been straight cut.

Angle Cut: These styles include angular cut features that are pretty famous among muscle vehicle enthusiasts. If you own a truck or a fuel cell, go for an angled cut tip to create an aggressive appearance. This type is appropriate for SUVs and large, substantial 4x4s. It has an assertive, angular cut at the tip that complements the vehicle’s arrival, a muscle automobile.

Straight Cut: It seems to have a straightforward tube-shaped tip. Straight-cut pipes are more prominent in diameter than angled pipes an often utilize in larger engine pipes. This exhaust tip resembles a classic piece of tubing. Once finished or chromed, it can transform your O.E. exhaust system into one that seems to fit on a performance vehicle.

Turndown Exit: It is often referred to as the “Dump Out” tip because it assists in keeping a clean engine by directing soot and gases straight to the ground surface. Additionally, sound waves strike the ground with a dump-out exhaust tip and reflect the surroundings, producing a smooth, hefty sound. They discharge out all of the smoke and fumes that would have otherwise accumulated on the bumper, reaching beyond it and depositing them on the ground. Owners of large diesel trucks prefer them. Additionally, the design affects the sound. Sound waves will go down the tip, strike the ground, and then bounce back up. This echoing action imparts a snarling, beefier tone to the vehicle.


Select an idle exhaust tip with an output inch diameter that is double the size of the input inch diameter. For instance, choose a size with a 2-inch input diameter and a 4-inch output diameter. It will mechanically adjust the engine’s sound output to compensate for the enormous mouth.

Exhaust Tip Types: Single vs. Dual

Single- and dual-tips both perform the same function.

On the other hand, single tips often have a broad mouth, which is quite beneficial when searching for a deeper sound. One on either hand, a dual-pipe tip has a narrower output than a single-pipe tip, although noise cancellation is the same in both circumstances.


Why do you need an exhaust tip? Generally, there are two primary motivations for transformation. A stylish exhaust tip transforms the car’s appearance from the rear. When we travel down on the main roads or freeways, it looks beautiful and offers a crisp appearance. Moreover, for those seeking attention or fans of loud sound, a tip may be an angel of God. It gives the automobile a more powerful sound and boosts efficiency. However, a high-performance exhaust tip with a deep tone requires the whole adjustment.

Changing the Exhaust Tip Increase the Speed or Power of A Vehicle?

If you’ve ever driven an older automobile, you’re well aware of how slow the engine can be. It becomes terrible when you attempt to pass other automobiles while driving a very sluggish vehicle. In addition, you notice the engine lose power as you navigate. Your mind is brimming with possibilities for restoring your car’s lost splendor. You consider upgrading the exhaust tip to boost the engine’s power and acceleration. However, does this make a difference?

It’s worth noting that the tip affects the sound but not on the speed or power. You may alter this if you like to convey the vehicle’s idea with a strong engine. Otherwise, the suggestion will be ineffective. Change the oil and filter if necessary. Optimize engine performance by using the newest synthetic oil.

Some components that may change to increase engine performance include the spark plug and the body filter. In addition, if you own a diesel vehicle and driving more than 40 thousand km may block your EGR. Thus, cleaning of the EGR valve is required. Another factor that might affect engine performance is dust build-up in the throttle cleaner. Therefore, a throttle cleaner might help you increase your speed and power.

Frequent Asked Questions

Is This Exhaust Tip Compatible With My Vehicle?

It is perhaps the most often requested inquiry! Every tip is unique in its structure and intends to suit certain tailpipes. To be specific, it is usually better to consult the Amazon page or visit the Brand parts section online.

If I Install 2 Engine Tips on My Vehicle, Would the Sound and Performance Levels Boost?

That is dependent. When twin exhaust tips add to a single exhaust system, the appearance is enhanced but does not influence the engine. If your machine has a dual exhaust system, installing dual exhaust tips allows the engine to circulate more freely, resulting in increased efficiency.

Why the Exhaust Tip Started to Turn Yellowed After Few Months?

For safety, the majority of chromed automotive parts deliver with the thinnest coating of oil. Once heated in any manner, for example, when connected to a vehicle’s exhaust, this oil begins to become yellow or blueish in color. To prevent this, carefully wash and dry all components before installation in lukewarm, soapy water.

Is It True That Changing the Exhaust Tip Increases the Loudness of the Vehicle?

It is a matter of preference concerning the exhaust tip. A bigger diameter exhaust tip than your exhaust pipe will increase engine noise. Additionally, a resonated exhaust tip makes the most audible distinction.

Is It True That a Larger Exhaust Tip Makes a Diesel Vehicle Louder?

Because the size of the exhaust tip closely corresponds with the sound intensity, the bigger the exhaust tip, the louder it is.

Will Aftermarket Exhaust Tip Improve Vehicle Performance?

What advantages are there? However, as previously said, an aftermarket exhaust tip will not significantly improve your vehicle’s performance; nevertheless, it will improve a few things—the sound, in particular. Installing new exhaust tips will result in a more robust, aggressive sound from your vehicle.

What Is the Distinction Between a Muffler and an Exhaust Tip?

To be sure, both external devices accomplish the same task of noise reduction in an exhaust system, but significantly different. The muffler is primarily composed of a compartment with perforated tubes that aid in exhaust gas passage between the exhaust manifold and the silencer. Simultaneously, Mufflers are in charge of lowering the extreme noise level produced by the exhaust system.

Furthermore, the exhaust tip assists in rebounding the sound waves, cancel out the high-pitched frequencies and provide the noise a deeper tone. The tip is affixed at the location of the muffler outflow and disclose to the outside world. The exhaust tip of the resonant is identical to that of the deep-sounding generating. Therefore, avoid being perplexed while acquiring the exhaust’s deep-sounding tip.

Why Should I Purchase an Exhaust Tip?

There is one primary incentive to purchase in an exhaust tip it will enhance the appearance of your vehicle! Whether you just bought a new vehicle, just completed a restoration project or sense that your current vehicle is missing that finishing touches, an exhaust tip might be the frosting on the dessert.

Whether you choose a sleek matte black or a gleaming chrome coating, either may transform the appearance of your standard exhaust system to equal that of the peak power vehicles. 

Exhausts expel dirty, contaminated air from your vehicle’s engine, resulting in a filthy, perhaps rusted tailpipe. This easy-to-install aftermarket addition will enhance the appearance and maybe the sounds of your car.


Getting a proper exhaust system installed on your happiness and excitement may increase efficiency and fuel economy. Installing an exhaust tip on top of it is primarily for show, but it’s a show-stopper. It may be the icing on the cake, transforming your ride’s appearance and sound for a very cheap investment and several minutes of your effort to set up.

Either you want a more extended, resonant tip to provide your engine that is projecting, powerful growl, or a standard tip that softens abrasive noises and leaves you with magnificent deep sounds, the option is entirely yours. It was all about expressing your individuality via your vehicle’s aftermarket touch.

Investing in the most refined exhaust tip for deep sound helps turn views and receive praises every moment you drive by.