7.3 Powerstroke: Engines, Performance & Issues

Engine and different models of 7.3 Powerstroke trucks.

Ford Motor Company has been producing great trucks, both light and heavy, for consumers. These trucks are equipped with powerful engines. And one of the popular diesel engines for Ford’s trucks is called “Power stroke engines.” Power stroke refers to a term used to refer to a diesel engine made for Ford’s trucks since the …

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Best Aftermarket Clutch Brands

Different types of top quality clutch brands in the market.

There are many quality aftermarket clutch brands and makers todays. It is a known fact that automatic transmission makes light work when driving. However, some car lovers will pick a manual transmission over an automatic transmission because they feel more in control when operating in a manual car. This thanks to the ability to manually …

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How Long Does A Clutch Last?

A mechanic is inspecting and replacing the clutch disc.

Regardless of how you use your car, the clutch will generally fall victim to wear and tear. This will likely happen before your whole car succumbs to that same force. This is because, during regular use, they undergo wear and tear from constant changes to your gear when driving. Then, how long will your clutch …

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What Comes in A Clutch Kit?

Auto parts that included in the clutch kit.

The clutch is needed in a car for it to change gears. It is a crucial aspect of driving. It enables the driver to switch from one gear to another, and this process can be very smooth, provided the clutch is in good condition. It is responsible for the smooth switching between gears. The clutch …

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