6010 Welding Rod, Settings, Amperage & Polarity

E6010 welding rod.

The most popularly used welding electrode is the E6010. The E6010 is used for construction, general purpose fabrications, shipbuilding, and pipe welding. What Is E6010 Rod? Electrodes or welding rods are usually named like E6010 or E6011. Of course, the “E” stands for “electrode” while the first two numbers, like the “60” in 6010, means …

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Best Welding Cables (Buying Guide 2021)

To be able to relay current to the welding electrodes, a welder needs a welding cable. This welding cable serves as the electrical conductor and the pathway of current. The welding cable usually consists of fine strands of copper that are wrapped around by a durable non-conductive jacket. This durable jacket serves as the insulator …

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7014 Welding Rod Settings, Uses & Amperage

In some cases, you may also opt for the E7014. As an all-position welding rod, the 7014 is generally used for welding low and mild alloy steels with concomitant iron-powder covering. This iron powder coating usually produces a high deposition rate. The end results are smooth beads with very fine ripples. The use of E7014 …

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6013 Welding Rod, Settings, Polarity and Amps

6013 4.0mm welding rod

There are many types of electrodes. But one of the most popular electrodes for beginners is the E6013. As you can see, electrodes are defined and characterized by four numbers. The very first two numbers “60” stand for its tensile strength which means the E6013’s tensile strength is up to 59,700 pounds per inch or …

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How To Drill Through Metal

Most minor household repairs and improvements do not require the service of experts. You can actually perform most of these works on your own. When doing such household tasks, however, you would sometimes find yourself drilling holes on metal objects. Drilling through metal objects is not an easy task to perform, and it requires patience …

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