How To Wash Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcyclist removed gloves for washing and cleaning.

Gloves are an integral part of your motorcycle protection equipment. It keeps your hands safe and prevents injury in the case of a mishap. Additionally, they reduce the creation of calluses and increase your riding convenience while riding for extended periods. After using your gloves for many days, they will undoubtedly gather a significant amount of dirt and may even get stinky. Washing them will assist in removing this grime and will help prolong their usefulness.

Many motorcyclists believe that gloves do not need to wash. It’s most likely the pieces of equipment that you pay little attention to since you’ve never seen the filth on them. Nonetheless, if you want your preferred pair of motorcycle gloves to constantly look beautiful and perform longer, therefore costing you bucks, you must maintain care of these things.

When you’re ready to face the broad roadway, the last thing you want are complications caused by your filthy motorcycle gloves. Leathery, odorous, or dirty gloves may degrade your enjoyment, and improperly cleaning them may limit their lifetime and be pricey. Instead, you want to maximize the performance of your gloves and return to riding, and we are happy to assist you! We have conducted an exploration to determine the ideal method for cleaning and washing motorcycling gloves.

The Necessity of Cleaning Motorcycle Gloves

If you believe that washing your motorcycle gloves is unnecessary, you are mistaken! As with most of your motorcycle gear, proper maintenance of your gloves is essential. It will ensure they perform ideally and last a longer duration.

Here are a few brief explanations of why it is vital to wash your gloves:

To Ensure Prolonged Efficacy 

Aside from the typical filth described beforehand, oil or sweat on your hands may influence the effectiveness and usefulness of your gloves. You cannot wholly avoid your hands becoming greasy since this is a regular occurrence. However, you may clean your gloves to remove the oil and maintain optimal performance.

Ultimate Protection

Motorcycle gloves secure your hands from developing calluses on extended trips. Additionally, the gloves shield your hands if you need to halt your landing in the aftermath of mishaps. Motorcycle gloves that not properly clean may lose their effectiveness result in excessive perspiration, oil, and filth, damaging the surface of the gloves. Additionally, these substances may accumulate at the EPS cushioning that intends to comfort your hands. The degraded areas are prone to rip or come apart, leaving your skin exposed.

To Avoid Gloves From Abruptly Wearing Out

If you disregard the importance of cleaning your gloves, the filth will persist in accumulating on them. Ultimately, this dirt will degrade the fabric or leather of your gloves, causing them to wear out rapidly. Additionally, dirt may potentially contaminate and damage your gloves. It shortens their existence and renders them incapable of providing a pleasant riding performance requiring you to seek a decent pair.

Prolong Their Lifespan

You want your newly purchased pair of elevated motorcycle gloves to last for countless rides, correct?

In this instance, you must go the additional mile and adequately care for them. For example, consider the leather gloves crafted from animal skin hide, which, like human skin, needs upkeep to remain in excellent shape over time. Allowing these gloves to get too dry may result in them breaking and feeling harsh near your skin, perhaps aggravating it. Furthermore, if they get very moist, they degrade and lose their efficacy.

Sanitary Conditions

There are a plethora of drawbacks to wearing filthy motorbike gloves. The sweat, grease, and grime buildup will accelerate the lining’s degradation. Additionally, they are unsanitary and unpleasant to wear. Furthermore, the grime will provide a breeding ground for odor-causing germs, resulting in an unpleasant stench emanating from your motorcycle gloves.

How To Clean Motorcycle Gloves Made of Leather?

Leather requires specific care, which means that washing leather gloves may need a bit more effort than washing fabric gloves.

The following are the procedures for cleaning leather gloves:

Step 1: Clean Any Dirt or Grime That Has Accumulated in the Area

Contrary to textile gloves, we will not be washing the gloves with freshwater in this instance. It is due to leather and water do not get along. Inserting your leather gloves may lead them to compress and harden throughout the drying process, rendering them worthless. Instead, lay your leather gloves firmly on a level surface and use a little quantity of oil-based detergent on a hygienic, smooth bit of fabric to softly wipe the surface of your gloves in tiny, circling strokes. If any patches or spots do not disappear with basic washing, apply soap foam to the area and scrub for a few more seconds to check if the blemishes go.

Step 2: Ventilate and Dry the Gloves

Once the dirt and filth on the surface of your leather gloves remove, you’ll have to dry them properly. The most accessible approach is to place them in a good room that not expose to bright sunlight, which might lead them to fracture. Dry leather gloves with such a vital heat source are not a wise option since they may also lead to damage to the animal skin, reducing its effectiveness. Well, and drying your gloves using a dryer is not recommended. Additionally, ensure your gloves hung correctly for optimal ventilation both in and out of, as well as rapid drying.

Step 3: Apply Mild Conditioner

After completely drying the gloves, they should apply with a decent leather solution. It will assist in replenishing the oils that have cruised from the leather during the water-washing process. Additionally, it helps prevent the creation of fractures due to exposure to water, hence increasing the life of the component.

How are conditioners to be applied? The most straightforward way entails rubbing the gloves with a clean, soft cloth soaked with conditioner. Brushing the whole surface of your gloves, notably the inside and outside, is critical. Additionally, give particular attention to seams and stitches, which tend to dry more quickly upon being exposed to moisture and being ruined. Once the entire surface of both gloves has cleansed, let the enhancer penetrate the leather substance for optimal results. This process should last no more than thirty minutes.

Step 4: Clean the Internal Part of the Gloves 

Additionally, the inner of the leather motorcycle gloves should wash thoroughly. It is almost sure to include built-up perspiration, grime, and filth. To begin, turn inside your motorcycle gloves to provide total accessibility to the inside. You may clean the region on a regular schedule by cleaning it with alcohol. Alcohol disinfects the area and also kills microorganisms that cause odors.

Cleaning it may use a solution of baking soda and cornstarch to eradicate persistent smells. When storing your gloves, please keep them in an excellent environment. It refers to as ventilating it out. It enables the gloves to dry until being re-used completely.

FAQs on Washing Leather Gloves

Which Soap Is Appropriate for Leather Gloves?

When soap use on leather gloves, there is a risk that toxic chemicals, fragrances, or detergents can harm the leather. Strongly scented or artificially colored soaps may dull the pigment of the gloves and may even cause them to lose their form. Search for soaps that are fragrance-free and manufactured organically.

Saddle soaps, which are oil-based formulations, are an excellent choice for pricey leather since they specially formulate to aid the textile in retaining its dampness. Leather performs best when it is not allowed to become too dry or too heated, which is the target of saddle soap. Do not use bleaching or fabric conditioner on the leather since they can irreversibly deform it.

Is It Safe to Wash Leather Gloves in Washing Machine?

Washing leather gloves in the washing machine is not recommended. Leather is a sensitive textile that should never soak in water for an extended time. Accordance with the procedure above will assist in prolonging the life of your gloves while also washing them properly.

How To Clean Motorcycle Gloves Made of Textiles or Fabric?

It is your section if your gloves manufacture fabric or textile products. These gloves are pretty low maintenance and do not need any extra chemicals; a moderate cleanser and water combination will sufficient.

You may wash your fabric gloves in two convenient steps:

Step 1: Clean the Fabric / Textile Gloves

You are putting on your fabric gloves the similar way you would before a motorcycle. Soak your hands in a pail of water loaded with a combination of cold water plus neutral soap while wearing the gloves. Clean them tenderly by washing them in your own hands.

Furthermore, they may wash while not in use. Try putting it over a flowing faucet, turning it to ensure that both the palm and back surfaces come into touch with the water. Additionally, rub the inner surfaces of your gloves with your hands. Avoid detergents containing solvents and adhesives since they may wind up ruining your fabric gloves.

Step 2: Ventilate & Dry Your Gloves

Remove the gloves off your hands and pat them dry. For this procedure, you’ll prefer to dry them in a well-ventilated environment to ensure that any scents on your gloves are blown away by the air. Additionally, take them out of bright sunlight to prevent damage from UV radiation.

If your fabric gloves include leather components, such as leather padding, you Never wash them using the procedure as mentioned above since the leather form will change after the gloves dry.

Useful Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Gloves

That concluded the procedure for cleaning your gloves. Nonetheless, you should bear in mind the following guidelines for successfully cleaning, storing, and caring for your motorcycle clothing. It will not only guarantee that they last a more extended period, but also that they continue to look satisfactory:

  • Using a moist towel immersed in boiling water to clean your motorcycle gloves is not recommended.
  • Use a mild soap, a sensitive textile, or a leather cleaning solution to remove persistent spots.
  • Avoid using any chemicals, including fabric softener, stain removers, or gasoline. These remedies have the potential to change the color of your leather gloves.
  • If the manufacture does not permit machine cleaning, do not use it. Additionally, avoid applying excessive pressure to the objects or using a blow dryer to speed up the drying process. Extreme strain and temperature may be detrimental to the leather substance.
  • When storing your gloves, allow them to air dry for about 24 hours. Damp gloves stored in an inadequately ventilated environment may produce scents or even distort, ruining your favorite equipment.
  • Avoid exposing your gloves to excessive sunlight or a heating source since this may cause them to become rigid.
  • Ensure that they store on a well-ventilated surface.
  • If your gloves get wet, allow them to dry naturally. If the gloves get wet inside, stuff them with an absorbent substance such as newspapers.
  • Avoid putting waterproof leather gloves close to blunt tools since they may puncture the waterproof liner contained within.
  • Protect your leather motorcycle gloves off your helmet. While it is customary to keep them inside the helmet, it is not recommended to get distorted. After riding, lay them flat on a level surface.

How Frequently Should You Wash Your Motorcycle Gloves?

Wash your gloves is typically determined by how frequently you ride your motorcycle. If you ride your motorcycle quite often, perhaps every day, you should try thoroughly cleaning your gloves once a week. If you ride your motorcycle regularly, you may wash it monthly.

If you have just finished a long road trip and your gloves smell terrible from excessive perspiration, you may want to clean them promptly rather than waiting until the latter of the week. Ideally, it would be best to wash your motorcycle gloves whenever your laundry the majority of your riding clothing, such as trousers and vests.


You may have believed at first that you do not need to wash your gloves often. Nevertheless, if you want your favorite pair to endure as long as possible while still looking nice, you must start taking care of it.

Given the frequency with which you wear the motorcycle gloves, it may be almost difficult for them to remain clean. Whereas wet wipes may use an alternative way to do a spot-clean leather gear, gloves still need appropriate washing regularly. With these methods, you can simply clean and preserve your leather motorcycle gloves, ensuring they look fantastic and last for countless longer rides.

Maintaining your riding gloves is essential if you intend to avoid them wearing out owing to dirt collection, deterioration, and ultimate loss of efficacy. Once cleaned regularly, your gloves may perform admirably and for a lengthy moment.

Read our straightforward advice above to learn how to clean and condition your gloves effectively, and it will stay last longer for you!