What Is The Best Carburetor For A Chevy 350?

Engine block display for Chevy 350 model.

The Chevy 350 was a vehicle that was known for its powerful performance and reliable engine. Yet, some owners considered the use of Chevy 350 as costly. This is because it required more fuel to run. Hence, for some people who wanted to save on their fuel expenses, choosing this vehicle was not a good option. But there was a solution to this problem. You could replace the carburetor of this engine with a better carburetor. You could do this for more enhanced fuel efficiency and performance.  

General Motors have rolled out a series of V8 automobile engines for its Chevrolet division between 1954 and 2003. These series of V8 engines made use of the same engine block referred to as small-block engines. One of these series of small block engines is the 350 cu in (5.7 L). It was first introduced in the year 1967. This engine was aptly referred to as the “Chevy 350 engine.”

The Chevy 350 engine had been installed in myriads of vehicles. The Chevrolet Camaro, GMC Sierra, pickups, Corvette, trucks, hot rods, and some boats had used this engine. Yet. This engine had been first used for the Chevy 350 vehicle model. For this reason, it was named the Chevy 350 engine. Among the small-block engines, the Chevrolet 305 and 350 had become the corporate standard of GM.

The Chevy 350 engines had the number “350.” This number refers to the engine’s displacement capacity, which is 350 cubic inches, which is equal to 5.7 liters. This engine saw some innovations throughout the years from 1967 to 2003. It is a powerful engine, capable of 180 HP to 400 HP output, depending on its year of manufacture. 

Moreover, this engine had been known for its durability. Through wear and tear, however, these engines may experience breakages. In such a case, you need to replace some of its parts, especially the carburetors. 

Some owners replace the carburetors of this engine, not only in instances of breakage. They do it to enhance their engine’s performance. Hence, if you own one of these engines, you will sometimes find yourself looking for the best carburetor replacement for this engine.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Replacement Carburetors for Chevy 350

Whether you are buying a new carburetor to enhance the performance of Chevy 350 or simply because the engine broke, you need to know the crucial factors to consider when purchasing one. Here are these important factors:

1) Check The CFM

Before buying a carburetor, you should first know the actual cubic feet per minute capacity of your engine. You can use this simple formula for aspirated petrol engine: 

Maximum rpm/3,456 X Engine Size (c.i.d) = cfm at 100-percent VE (volumetric efficiency).

You should remember that most street engines can get just 8% VE. If you modify street engines, they can achieve at least 85 percent VE. But with extremely modified race engines, you can get 95% VE or more.  

2) Check The RPM Range

Before buying a carburetor, you also need to know the minimum as well as the maximum RPM range of your engine. Both ranges are important. You should also be cognizant of the transmission type and convertor flash RPM. You should bear in mind that your engine will never be happy if it is running at its highest torque RPM. It’s all about acceleration. You should also remember that a huge carburetor can produce higher power in dyno and torque. Generally, the engine will never be able to speed up the lowest speed from that of the lowest rpm.

3) Price & Your Budget

The price of the carburetor should depend on your available money to spend. It also depends on whether you are going to buy it from online vendors or repair shops. If you buy it from the repair shop, it will be more expensive. But if you can buy it online from vendors, then you can save on your expenses.

4) Consider The Choke

When it comes to choke, there are 2 types of carburetor choke. It could be manual or electric. If your engine has a manual choke, you can transform it into an electric choke operation, using the compatible kits. So, you need to know which type of choke your engine has.  

5) You Should Consider The Throttle Lever Too

You can bolt directly via linkage hookups to the throttle lever of the carburetor. Then, kick down maximum 3-speed automatic transmission. However, the bracket doesn’t come with a carburetor. So, you need to buy Chrysler applications. Some MOPAR Applications may require an assembly of a specific throttle. Moreover, those vehicles with GM-TH700R4 automatic overdraft transmission require you to buy a bracket kit.

The Best Carburetor for Chevy 350

If you want to upgrade the performance of your Chevy 350, or simply you want to replace its broken piece, you can choose from the following aftermarket carburetors for Chevy 350:

1) New Carburetor for Type Rochester 2GC 2 Barrel Chevrolet Chevy Small Block Engines 5.7L 350 6.6L 400

One of your best choices when it comes to the carburetor for Chevy 350 is the Rochester Chevrolet. It is also called the “Q-Jet brand. The use of this carb, of course, comes with some benefits. 

This carburetor adds more horsepower to your engine while maintaining near stock fuel mileage that directly replaces the old or broken one. It features heavy-duty metal construction. It also features a large base. Plus, it comes with a large base bolt pattern 3 11/16 x 2 1/16 inches!

With this carburetor, your worry about throttle response lags will be gone with its high-speed circuits. It also exhibits perfect calibration. It comes with four barrels—two primary and two secondary barrels—that work together. Its lower RPM is also perfect for it.

This carburetor showcases better idle speed. It is a stage 2 carburetor. It is, however, quite similar to the Rochester Stage 1. But you need to update its idle speed and other operations. Hence, to get the same performance from your engine, you need to choose stage 1. Yet, you must choose stage 2 to get the maximum HP for your engine.

2) Edelbrock 1406 Performer 600 CFM Square Bore 4-Barrel Air Valve Secondary Electric Choke Carburetor

Edelbrock 1406 is a high-quality 4-barrel aftermarket carburetor. It can make your engine very efficient. It enables you to save on your fuel expenses likewise. It features both manual choking option. It also comes with an electric choke that boosts its efficiency to 600 CFM. The electric choke, of course, is perfect for winter use. It enables the engine to warm up immediately and perfectly mixes the fuel.

The Edelbrock 1406 EPS also comes with metering rods. These metering rods firmly aid transition between circuits. They aid in preventing backfiring by enabling the engine to remain durable. They aid in reducing the risk of having blown up power valves.

This carburetor comes with heavy-duty aluminum construction for maximum durability. Yet, it is very lightweight, weighing only 9.15 pounds. Thus, it puts no pressure on the other parts of the engine.

Moreover, this carb features a two-piece body for preventing warping and dents after extended usage. It doesn’t contain any plastic parts. Thus, with its sterling construction, this carb will last long.

3) Holley 0-7448 Model 2300 350 CFM 2-Barrel Manual Choke New Carburetor

The Holley 0-7448 Model 2300 350 CFM is a two-barrel carburetor that is perfect for racing cars. It is easy to install and enhances the engine runs. It requires no adjustments likewise. 

Holley 0-7448 features a manual choke. Though it does not offer electric choke, it is, however, very good. It is also easy to control and is hassle-free to use.

Just like the abovementioned options, this carburetor boasts of all-metal parts. It also comes with replaceable jets, a universal throttle lever, and a center-hung float bowl. It is easy to use. With a couple of pumps on its throttle, it will readily crank and start. It also stays running until it is warmed up. You would surely appreciate the use of this carburetor. 

This carburetor also comes with a power valve, a standard 5 1/8 air cleaner flange, and high flow venturi. It is capable of mixing the correct amount of air and gasoline, allowing the engine to work properly. With its manual choke, you can easily control the temperature of the engine. Thus, it can be considered as the most premium carb for stock 350 with 2 barrel carburetor.


Finding the right carburetor for your Chevy 350 engine may seem difficult at first. Yet, if you take into consideration the abovementioned factors to consider, you can zero in on the appropriate carburetor for your Chevy 350. Moreover, the abovementioned three carburetor options are the three best aftermarket carburetors for Chevy 350. Hence, being cognizant of these three best options makes it easy for you to choose.

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