What Is A Rekluse Clutch?

June 29, 2020

The Rekluse clutch is a type of auto clutch invented by Rekluse that automatically engages or disengages the clutch based on engine rpm and, ultimately, transmit power to the final drive. As a result of actuation, the clutch can be engaged or disengaged through the rider’s input. But the rider variation of the clutch is not needed in most instances. 

Starting and bring a vehicle to a stop is more comfortable thanks to the auto clutch, which also dramatically reduces the usage of a clutch lever, therefore, canceling engine delay. However, the clutch lever is still essential as it is needed for changing gears. 

Facts About the Recluse Auto-clutch?

The first thing you should know is what an auto clutch is and what it isn’t. First, on the list, an auto clutch should not be confused with an automatic transmission because they are different. Unlike an automatic transmission, you can still change the gear manually when using an auto clutch. However, it is not like manual transmission where there is pressure on the clutch. That auto clutch engages and disengages the clutch automatically. All you have to do is move the vehicle into gear, turn the throttle and off you go. 

Unlike in automatic transmissions, it is essential to shift the gears while riding a vehicle that is equipped with an auto clutch. Also, an auto clutch should never be mistaken for a slipper clutch. The mode of operation of the throttle in both systems is different for how it affects the various clutches. When the throttled is chopped in a vehicle using an auto clutch, the transmission of power from the engine to the final drive remains while braking is still maintained. In a slipper clutch system, the case is different as a chopped throttle leads to a disengaged clutch.  

An auto clutch is set in motion by a centrifugal force and activates and deactivates the clutch in relation to the revolution per minute of the vehicle. Just like in manual transmissions where you control the clutch lever to put the vehicle into motion from a stop, the auto-clutch does the same; the only difference is that the auto-clutch does that automatically. The rider of the bike only has to adjust the throttle to increase the revolution, which in turn engages the clutch and forward the bike goes. 

You have to change gears in the auto clutch. However, the clutch feeds the necessary parts automatically and at the right time while you can do other riding stuff. 

The three primary Rekluse auto clutches allow the clutch lever to predominate the auto clutch at any time. These Rekluse auto clutches are designed for dirt bikes. The rider of a motorcycle having this clutch can do stuff an average clutch will do. You can feed the clutch and do other fun stuff yourself as well as some exciting styles with bikes that are equipped with Rekluse auto clutches. This type of clutch is known to enhance performance for big sized bikes.

Benefits of Using Recluse Auto Clutch

Rekluse clutches have an anti-stall feature that is triggered by a centrifugal force. You can find them on top-notch dirt bike brands, and they have the following advantages:

  • The auto clutch works in relation to the speed of the engine. Therefore, when a bike is idle, the clutch disengages at this state without any stalling issues. 
  • You can tune Rekluse EXP disks to engage the clutch at different engine speeds. Also, you can control or set the pace on how fast the clutch engages. 
  • Provided a situation arises where a manual clutch is needed; you don’t have to change your Rekluse clutch as it can efficiently function as one. 
  • With the Rekluse clutch, you can start and stop your bike in gear without engaging the clutch.
  • You have a smoother engagement and better traction when using a Rekluse clutch.
  • Improved maneuverability.
  • It makes riding fun and less tasking.
  • Your clutch pack tends to last longer. 

The Rekluse auto clutch is considered to be innovative as a result of the major advantages it offers riders. Other clutches do not provide the same. Also, with the Rekluse auto clutch, you still enjoy the functionalities of the average clutch as well as the ease of use of an automatic clutch, and it does not stop there. The clutch offers you a different interesting installation method. Also, you don’t have to modify anything to install the clutch, making the Rekluse auto clutch one of the best around.

How Will It Affect Your Riding?

Riding becomes more relaxed. Also, it becomes easy to navigate through rough terrains when using a Rekluse auto clutch. Traction is increased thanks to the automatic modulation of the Rekluse clutch. This also helps to prevent the engine from stalling. The attendant result of all this is an enjoyable ride, as well as enhanced bike performance. If you are a motocross racer, you will discover an improvement in the time it takes you to complete a lap. When it comes to traction, you will get improved traction using this clutch. 

If you are into off-road racing, you will experience ease in moving through rugged roads thanks to the automatic modulation that comes with the clutch. You can focus on other parts of the riding. You also get improved traction here. It does not end there because, with the Rekluse clutch, there is no room for engine stalling thanks to the automatic disengagement of the engine when the speed falls. With this feature, you can go on longer rides with increased speed, among other exciting stuff. 

A Brief History of the Rekluse Auto Clutch and How It Was Invented.

2002, when Al Youngwerth in a bid to make his riding experience better and enjoyable regardless of the terrain, installed on his off-road motorcycle an aftermarket automatic clutch. The bike did not stall as a result of the installed clutch and gave Al a bit of what he wanted. But He wanted more in terms of performance and reliability, and so he went to work. 

After months of work alongside Sean Brown, who was an engineering student at that time at Boise State University, Al Youngwerth came up with what we know today as the Rekluse clutch. Thanks to this innovation, the bike world now has something to cheer about and boost performance. It is used mostly by off-road racers and people interested in big bikes. 

The main component of the Rekluse clutch is its pressure plate, which can expand. The pressure plate expands as the revolution continues to increase thanks to a special ramp and wedge component. This results in the clutch being engaged and disengaged. With this type of clutch, the clutch lever of no significance when it comes to starting or stopping. However, the same clutch lever becomes handy for adjusting gears and moving the front wheel over high elevations.

The Rekluse is designed for most bike types, although there are a few exceptions. You can get it for off-road motorcycles, adventure motorcycles, cruisers as well as dual-sport motorcycles. The clutch kit comes with different specs and can go for at least $599 and takes a relatively short time to install. It is manufactured to this day by a company owned by Sean Brown, and it is distributed to different parts of the world. 

Possible Problems & Issues With Rekluse Auto Clutch

There are a few things you should take into consideration before purchasing a Rekluse auto clutch. Although they are not significant issues, it is still worth taking note of. Here they are:

You cannot use your clutch to start your bike is you are using a Rekluse clutch. However, you can adjust the clutch to perform that function by ensuring the Rekluse isn’t working to engage the clutch.  

When you are descending from steep roads, the Rekluse clutch will disengage if the rpm drops or if the rear wheel stops moving. However, you can correct this by adjusting the throttle, which activates the clutch. The clutch will later switch to automatic as a result.

When using a Rekluse clutch, it is important not to stall when descending from a steep elevation unless you have good rear brakes as the clutch won’t come to action in this situation.

You should inspect your clutch cable regularly as the Rekluse clutch is known to put more strain on it than other clutches even when you do not engage the clutch manually. This is important, so you don’t experience your clutch cable snapping while in use. 

When using the Rekluse EXP, you don’t get to use all your clutch plates as some of them are replaced. This makes the clutch plates wear faster than normal. However, if you want to prevent such occurrence, it will cost you more as the kit that allows you to use all your plates is relatively expensive. But with it, your plates get to last longer. 

The main problem you can encounter when using the Rekluse auto clutch is the issue of slipping. We discovered that at a high gear, the clutch slips. Usually, to achieve a comfortable ride, especially on an adventure motorcycle, you need to shift the gear high. At first, this works fine with the clutch. However, when the gear was shifted higher at high rpm, the clutch slipped. 

This issue can be rectified by using more substantial wedges. However, they do not come with the original Rekluse clutch kit, which means more cost. But the wedges help to correct such a problem and prevent the Rekluse clutch from slipping in higher gears.