Cool & Custom Welding Helmets

June 11, 2021

With regards to your safety when engaging in welding, nothing provides better protection than that of a custom welding helmet. A custom welding helmet may not be the most good-looking helmet in the world, but if it is perfectly customized for your welding needs, it would surely provide you with utmost comfort and maximum safety. For this reason, money spent on customized welding helmet is definitely a money well-spent.

Do You Really Need Custom Welding Helmet?

The question of why welders need a custom welding helmet is a no-brainer question because it is obvious that it can surely afford welders myriads of advantages aside from the comfort they provide. There are many hazards to which a welder is exposed while welding. One such potential hazard is the straining of his vision due to continuous exposure to bright light. To prevent damages to his eyes, a welder should wear a customized helmet that could radically reduce eyestrain while he stares at the welding bead.

A lighter customized helmet—that allows easy movement of the head and neck—would surely be of great advantage to a welder. Highly customized welding helmets, aside from providing a greater degree of protection from welding hazards, can eventually increase the productivity of welders.  Hence, having a customized welding helmet is of paramount importance to a welder who wants to do his job safely and perfectly.

Tips on Choosing the Ideal Customized Welding Helmet

As mentioned above, there are specific hazards concomitant with the welding process. The identification of these hazards is the first step in figuring out the features and the kind of customized helmet that you would need for any welding. Hence, before you opt for a customized helmet, you should have already figured out beforehand the features that you would like your customized helmet to have. To help you in this process, here are some factors that you should consider when customizing your welding helmet:

1. Design features According to your Needs

The overall design of your welding helmet should address your specific welding needs. If budget is not a problem, you should incorporate in the design of your welding helmet all the necessary features according to the apparent and actual needs of your welding job.

2. Enhancement of your Viewing Capability

This factor is essential to the design of your welding helmet. As a pro welder, you would surely understand that the more expansive your viewing capability when welding, the more efficiently you can perform your job. Hence, aside from  choosing a welding helmet that could readily protect your eyesight from intense light caused by the welding process, you should also opt for a customized welding helmet that could provide you with a greater view of the workpiece and more expansive viewing capability.

3. Customizing for better balance and Lighter Weight

When customizing your welding helmet, you should go for a lighter helmet that affords you greater balance. One of the primary goals is the achievement of better balance via the use of a lighter helmet. Heavy helmets can increase the fatigue level of welders, while lighter and more balanced helmets can increase the productivity of welders by reducing the torque and pressure caused by the weight of the helmet on the welder’s neck.

4. Clarity of Vision While Welding

One valuable factor that could either spell the success or failure of a welding job is that of the clarity of vision on the part of welder. Hence, it is necessary for a customized welding helmet to allow for greater clarity of vision on the part of the welder. Moreover, the design of a customized helmet should allow the welder to use his/her glasses and other welding gears (like that of the respirator) while engaging in welding.

5. Budget & Cost

Customization is definitely costlier than buying a ready-made welding helmet. In fact, often you would be forced to shell out several hundreds of dollars if you want a highly customized helmet for your welding needs. Highly customized welding helmets usually sit among the most expensive protective welding equipment. In fact, you would seldom find a customized welding helmet that is lower than two hundred dollars. The reason for this is that you are paying, in the case of customized helmet, for additional helmet features that you specifically need. Furthermore, you would often find that there is a huge discrepancy in the prices manufacturer’s custom-made helmets with extensive designs and artworks and the prices of less customized welding helmets online. The difference usually ranges from several dollars to several hundred dollars.

6. Buying According to Quality

There are many manufacturers that produce welding helmets. However, there are very few manufacturers that are known to produce quality helmets. When searching and buying one, therefore, you should zero in on the products produced by quality manufacturers, for these topnotch manufacturers of welding helmets can surely help you acquire quality customized helmets characterized by well-finished covers that do not easily flake or chip. Hence, if you want highly customized welding helmets, you should seek the help of these first-rate manufacturers. Lastly, you should go for the authoritative brand instead of settle for manufacturers of unproven track records in helmet manufacturing.