Best Stick Welders for Farm Use

June 7, 2023

If you have a farm and is regularly working on it, you would surely know that having a welding machine at hand is of great help. Choosing the right welding equipment, however, usually depends on several factors. First, you need to consider, for example, whether you can bring the work to the welding machine or you can bring the welding machine to the working area. If some far-flung steel fences were damaged, for example, you need to bring the welder to the area. But if you only need to weld some metals, you can simply bring the metals to your garage where the welder is. 

You also need to consider which welding process you are going to subscribe to. Hence, it is good at the onset to ask yourself whether you want a MIG, TIG, or Stick welder. Of course, we would suggest that it is better for you to have several types of welders if you have a huge farm. However, if you don’t want to buy several types of welders, you can always go for a stick welder. The best welder for farm use, of course, is the stick welder. 

Recommended Stick Welding Machines For Farm Use

There are several popular stick welder brands and models on the market today. As mentioned earlier, it becomes difficult to choose the right stick welder model because of these myriads of choices. To help you in choosing, here are the more recommended products that you can check out if you intend to buy a stick welder:

1) Miller Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder

The Miller Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder, as its name connotes, is meant to handle different welding processes. It can handle Arc, flux-core, MIG, and TIG welding. It may be a bit expensive for beginners, but it is surely a monster when it comes to welding.

The Millermatic Multimatic runs on both 110V and 230V. You simply need to change its plug, and no complicated configuration needs to be done. It also comes with a power inverter, allowing the interface to sense the power input readily. Moreover, it comes with a spool of wire that is 2-pounds heavy. The spool comes with an adapter for easy switching to 10-pound spools.  

Overall, we consider the Millermatic 215 as the perfect stick welder for professional welders. It also comes with a separate gas input for MIG and TIG tanks; hence, you can keep both tanks connected. It also comes with a TIG kit. Millermatic 215 is easy to set up and operate even for beginners. Lastly, its settings are easy to understand and follow.  

2) Hobart Stickmate 160i Stick Welder

Hobart is a popular brand that has been rolling out different types of great welders. But when it comes to stick welding, its most popular model is the Hobart Stickmate 160i Stick Welder. Hobart Stickmate is obviously a very dependable stick welder. It is also very portable, allowing you to carry it around anywhere there is a need for welding. Moreover, it comes with an easy-to-wear adjustable shoulder strap for easy portability. It is undoubtedly perfect for use at a large farm. 

The Hobart Stickmate is known for its high quality. Yet, if you would consider its price, it is much cheaper than other types of stick welders. You can use it using either a 120V or 240V power source. Furthermore, it offers infinite amperage control, allowing you to control your amperage and heat output accurately.

3) Lincoln Electric K1170

The Lincoln Electric K1170 is one of the best stick-welder choices you have on the market today. It is a compactly built equipment that offers awesomely smooth AC arc. You can use it to weld different types of materials that include stainless steel, low alloy, and carbon. It also comes with an attached input cable for plugging. Additionally, it comes with a plug that makes this equipment easy to install.

It carries excellent features for smooth operation. It is ideal for use by beginners. It also comes with an amp selector switch for easy setting up of welding current. This great setup makes sure that you have a uniform arc and high precision when welding. It is also easy to maintain and is great for repair and maintenance works on your farm. Lastly, Lincoln Electric is surely a great addition to your farm equipment.


The SUNGOLD 200A ARC MMA is a piece of versatile equipment that is quite light to carry around. You can use it for various types of welding applications. It sports an inverter technology that makes it very appealing to many welders. It also features a perfectly adjustable current control that permits small change at a time. It also comes with a built-in fan that readily cools its internal motor for a heavy-duty 60% at 180 amps duty cycle. It is a helpful tool at an affordable price.

5) Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder 100ST, 120-volt, 90 Amp

The Forney Easy Weld is undoubtedly an excellent tool for beginners who engage in small-scale welding jobs. It functions well and produces a smooth arc. Compared to other welders, it may not be that powerful, but it does its job better. Moreover, it runs on 115V. It is very affordable and is better than other cheap stick welders.

The Forney weighs around 7.5 pounds and comes with an electric cord. It is capable of holding a thin rod of approximately 1/8 inch. Furthermore, it carries an inverter power system. Lastly, it also comes with after-sale service that is provided by manufacturers.

Buyer’s Guide: Why Choose a Stick Welder over MIG or TIG Welders for Farm Use?

There are several reasons why stick welding is better when it comes to farm welding, and here are some of these succinct reasons:

1) Stick Welding Offers Many Applications

Among the different types of welding, Stick Welding is considered to be the most used in welding nonferrous and ferrous metals. Moreover, its applications are many. In fact, aside from farm usage, it is often used in the construction industry as well as in the shipping industry. In a way, it seems that stick welding is the most universally used type of welders in the world.

You can surely use the Stick Welder in any position when making a weld. You can bend its electrodes too to allow you to weld along hard-to-reach and blind areas. You can also weld far from the power source using its long leads. Moreover, you can bring it anywhere there is a need for welding; considering that stick welding is portable and light. Compared to MIG and TIG, it is also less responsive to draft and wind.  

2) Easy to Use for Beginners

The good thing about stick welding is that it is friendly to beginners. It is likewise less expensive as compared to other types of welders. As said, earlier, it is beginner-friendly because beginners can readily learn the rudiments of welding using stick welder. 

3) Stick Welding Can Weld Various Types of Steel Thickness

Stick welder is also capable of welding any materials in almost all situations. Since it is less affected by wind and draft, it is perfect for outdoor applications.

Considered to be very versatile and straightforward to use, the stick welding process is ideal for use for both nonferrous and ferrous metals. It elicits a perfect arc that can be easily controlled by the welder. Although it leaves slag on the weld bead’s surface, you can easily remove these slags. 

Ideally, the stick welder is perfect for use in welding low alloy steel and mild alloy steel. It is easy to set up and is flexible enough, allowing the welder to work the lead easily.

The good thing about stick welding is that it can weld different types of metal thickness. Its use is also more applicable to many applications as compared to TIG and MIG even with structural frames that are complex. Moreover, it is more manageable to use when welding in difficult locations because it is capable of multi-position welding. It is also perfect for use in welding pipes, and it is known for creating exceptional and quality weld joints.

4) Best for DIY Welders

If you are a DIYers, you would surely find the Stick Welder great for your own use. As a starting point, it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to go. It is perfect for farm repairs due to its portability. It is also easy to set up. Hence, as a DIY welder, you will surely find stick welder handy and of great help in your farm works.

5) It Produces Cleaner Weld

Although the majority of those who weld favor the MIG welder due to its clean welds, many, however, choose stick welder. The stick welder is always a great choice if you want to lug the welder somewhere for a quick welding job. Stick welder can produce great clean weld, though other options produce better clean welds. But if you want to have perfect control over your welds, the TIG welder should be your better choice.

Other Advantages of Stick Welder

There are other advantages that you can derive from the use of stick welding. These advantages include its being applicable for use during windy or rainy weather. Moreover, if your money is limited, the stick welder is your best choice. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any external shielding gas. Plus, it does not react easily to paint, dirt, or corrosion.

The Stick welder is also easy to use and require no elaborate setup, especially when you are changing rods. Moreover, when you are welding, you can attach the ground clamp far from the place where you are welding.