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There are myriads of designs and made of mechanic creepers on the market today, and the options are still growing in number. This makes it a bit difficult for consumers to choose the best mechanic creepers at hand. But what is a mechanic creeper? Well, mechanic creepers are the equipment that you could use when sliding underneath your vehicle without getting your back messy and dirtied.

As mentioned above, mechanic creepers come in different designs and forms. Some mechanic’s creepers, for example, are like rolling seats that let you work around a vehicle while seated. Some mechanics creepers, on the other hand, are like rolling benches that enable you to slide easily under a vehicle without dirtying your back. There are also mechanic creepers that have both functions all mixed-up in a piece of single equipment like a seat that could function as a rolling bench.

Since there are myriads of designs and models of mechanic creepers at hand, choosing the best one becomes a bit of a headache. Hence, to enable you to easily zero in on the best mechanic creeper on the market today, we have delineated here the factors that you should consider when buying a mechanic creeper:

1) Consider the Features

Whenever we buy something, the first thing that we usually consider is the features. Similarly, when purchasing a mechanic creeper, you need to look at its features. You should consider, for example, if the one that you are going to buy has an adjustable headrest. Ask yourself, likewise, if it has wheel locks. Does it have tool holders? Many mechanic creepers are bare and sans of these features. But you would surely love something cool to use, ergonomically designed, and is safe to use.  

2) Does it Roll Perfectly?

One crucial factor that you should consider when buying a mechanic creeper is its roll. Does it provide quality rolls? Does the size of the casters allow for a quality roll? The size of the casters should factor well in your choice because the larger the casters are, the easier your creeper could roll over rough terrain and cracked surface, though small casters would be perfect for level ground.

The downside, however, of larger casters, is that it limits your movement under your car. As much as possible, you want to be as low as possible to the ground when working underneath your vehicle. If your creeper is high because of high casters, you may end up cramped underneath, and your movements could be hampered. This may be a non-issue, however, if you have jacked up your car. Another thing is, you should choose steel casters that are easy to roll and are durable.

3) Ground Clearance

Different creepers allow for different ground clearance. If you are working on a flat surface, for example, you should opt for low profile creepers. However, if you are often working on bumpy surfaces, you would certainly need something that allows for higher ground clearance. Additional clearance is also beneficial when you are working underneath trucks and SUVs.

4) Durability

You should go for creepers that are known for durability. Generally, creepers should have a durable design and should be able to sustain and withstand any tough environment. Hence, you should consider creepers with great made. Steel frames, of course, are considered the most durable material for creepers. Steel framed creepers are also known to last for several years. 

You should also consider the durability of the casters. Steel frames may last longer, but if the casters are weak, they may fail easily. Hence, it is also crucial that the casters are sturdily made and attached to the steel frames. You should also check the padded vinyl if they are well made so that you could be sure that it would not rip easily.

5) Floor Clearance

You should not overlook this factor, for it is very critical to your efficiency when using a mechanic creeper. The higher the creeper from the ground, the lesser your working space underneath. This factor is critical; therefore, if you are working underneath a car with less clearance from the ground. Ideally, you should go for a mechanic creeper that has a low-profile design that does not exceed beyond 2 inches. This will give you enough leeway when working underneath your car.

6) Ease of Transport or Portability

There will be higher chances that you will be tagging along with your mechanic creeper to the place where the car has stalled. In such a case, you don’t want to be carrying something too heavy or too difficult to move around. You would surely want something lightweight and compact. 

Of course, you may be thinking that steel-framed creepers are undoubtedly heavy, and you may want to consider plastic creepers. Although each of these options may have its pros and cons, when it comes to portability, the plastic ones are surely more desirable.

7) Level of Comfort

This factor, of course, is essential when choosing a creeper. As a mechanic, you would usually spend much time underneath a vehicle while doing repairs or maintenance. Hence, you don’t want to be soring your back or neck while working underneath your vehicle. You want utmost comfort so that you will not injure your back or neck. For this reason, you should carefully consider if the creeper you intend to buy will give you a high level of comfort during long periods of work underneath your car.

The Most Recommended Mechanic Creepers on the Market Today

Expert mechanics are always on a lookout for the best mechanic creepers on the market today. This is because they want the best creeper when they work. Here are the mechanic creepers that they mostly recommend:

1) Dale Adams Enterprises The Bone Rough Rider 7031 Mechanic's Creeper

The Dale Adams Enterprises The Bone Rough Rider 7031 Mechanic’s Creeper is a highly recommended creeper that is unmatched when it comes to the aspect of mobility, especially, on rough terrain. It features a unique shape of the molded body in a single piece. It also comes with large wheels that have diameters of 5 inches. It has a 2 5/8″ inch clearance from the ground that allows you to work comfortably underneath your car. Its wheels don’t sink in soft ground or surface, and its large diameters can easily roll over gravel. You can also replace its large wheels, and you can buy this replacement on Amazon. However, you may not be needing a replacement wheel because its wheels are known for durability. Lastly, its maximum carrying capacity is 400 lbs. 

2) Traxion 1-100 ProGear Wide Body Creeper

The Traxion 1-100 ProGear Wide Body Creeper is a wide-body creeper that comes with a low-profile design. It features a wide contoured deck for maximum comfort, and its drop deck doesn’t come with pinch points. It also features big 5-inch casters that would surely give you enough clearance from the ground. Its maximum weight capacity is 201 pounds.

This Creeper is an inexpensive mechanic creeper option. It comes with an outrigger frame design like a horse carriage, with sticking-out wheels on its both ends. Despite its large wheels, its design is a low-profile design that lets you conveniently slide into it without feeling cramped. It also allows you enough working space underneath the vehicle. Its full deck is cushioned and well-contoured to let your body easily fit into the deck. Lastly, it will enable you a 2-inch clearance from the ground.

3) Pro-LifT C-9100 Black 450 Pounds 40" Foldable Z Creeper- 450 LBs

This Pro-LifT’s foldable Z Creeper features a 2-in-1 design that allows you to transform the unit into a Z-shaped seat. With this feature, it is highly versatile. It also features thick padding on its header and seat for absolute comfort. Furthermore, it features six three inches swivel caster wheels that are sturdily attached to the frame for greater mobility. These wheels are mounted using full bearings that make their movements easy and swift. They are also oil resistant for preventing slippage.

It also features a 40-inch frame structure made of steel along with 3-inch wide swivel wheels for supporting a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds. Its only downside is its design. It doesn’t have a low-profile design which means you will be less comfortable when using it, especially if you are working underneath a car with little ground clearance.  

Final Words:

Choosing the right mechanic creeper is difficult if you consider the myriads of brands and models of creepers on the market today. Yet, given the abovementioned factors to consider and the three most recommended creepers at hand, you can readily select something that would surely live up to your standards. 

If you are a professional mechanic, you would surely love to have the best creeper, and you would be meticulous in choosing your mechanic creeper. Your comfort and safety, in a way, hinges on the type of creeper you are going to use. Thus, it is important that you carefully weigh the factors to consider and only settle for a mechanic creeper with sterling qualities.

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