Understanding Sheet Metal Fabrication

Mild still, copper and aluminium metal sheet.

Sheet Metal fabrication is the process in which flat sheets of aluminum or steel are turned into metal products or structures, by assembling, folding, cutting or punching. By burning and cutting the metal, sheet metals can be stretched, bent, or cut into the shape as desired by the user. The onset of 20th century brought …

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Seam Welding

Seam welding on a sheet of metal.

Seam Welding or Resistance Seam Welding is a welding procedure in which a weld is produced in the chafing or fraying surfaces of two chemically similar metals. This welding process is surely different from butt welding, but it can produce lap and butt joints likewise. In seam welding, for example, the welds are slowly yet …

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How To MIG Welding Aluminum

There is usually a misconception that MIG welding aluminum is similar to MIG welding mild steel. Contrariwise, these two welding processes are quite different from each other, and it would surely be a mistake if one would apply the same knowledge and welding methods on both types of welding jobs. Factors to Consider When MIG …

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Spot Welding

Spot welding is made more accessible by using steel, as the electrical resistivity is higher and thermal conductivity is lower when we compare it to copper electrodes.  What is Spot Welding? Resistance spot welding is the joining or welding of overlapping metal pieces at small points by applying electric current and pressure. It is a …

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Cool & Custom Welding Helmets

With regards to your safety when engaging in welding, nothing provides better protection than that of a custom welding helmet. A custom welding helmet may not be the most good-looking helmet in the world, but if it is perfectly customized for your welding needs, it would surely provide you with utmost comfort and maximum safety. …

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Best Welding Blankets 2021

Safety is definitely of foremost importance when welding, and to achieve a high level of safety while welding, you would surely need a welding blanket. Welding blanket is a protective covering that is generally used by welders to protect the surrounding structures from spatters or droplets of molten metals while welding. The welding blanket, as …

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